Crystal Bracelet Chain

Crystal Bracelet Chain

The word “designer” to the world of fashion is akin to the word “gourmet” in food. It speaks of quality and value. Yet no matter who designed the bracelet, designer bracelets do have a limited number of forms:

The cuff style.

These are the solid types of designer bracelets that will remind one of handcuffs, commonly made of silver, gold, platinum, titanium, and pretty recently, tungsten carbide. Designer bracelets of this type can have engravings, or may be studded with precious or semi-precious stones.

These types of bracelets are mostly made of metal and are engravable. However, they must be custom-fitted in most cases because these are hard to adjust, or not adjustable at all if these were made from titanium or tungsten carbide. This is because titanium is cut from a block, and tungsten has a very, very high melting point. Some cuff bracelets also have a lock that can only be opened by a key, as part of its design.

The chain style.

These are bracelets of connected or braided links, which are more adjustable. These are commonly made of metals, too. Sometimes, designer bracelets of this type can have solid plates where a name or a commemorative phrase can be engraved. The links can also be interspersed with stones, or beads, or different metals. These bracelets can be chunky or delicate, depending upon the taste of the wearer. You may also incorporate a watch face on it, too.

The charm bracelet.

This is a new fashion statement that says a lot about the wearer in plain sight. These designer bracelets are like the chain type bracelets, but with “charms” or small trinkets that hang from the chain that represent a part of the wearer’s character. Some examples are shoes for shoe lovers, the peace sign, or a dog. Anything that can be miniaturized can be made into a charm. Some charm bracelet makers give the option of choosing and adding “charms” as the wearer sees fit.

The bead bracelet.

A series of beads make up this type of designer bracelets, and the beads can be made from semi-precious stones, soft stones, glass beads, or crystal beads. These may be tied together by a plain elastic band, or linked together by a metal chain. This is the most colorful of all the designer bracelets because the beads come in a whole range of colors. For example, in the case of glass beads, one bead can have the whole rainbow in them.

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Crystal Bracelet Chain
Crystal Bracelet Chain
Crystal Bracelet Chain

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