Crystal Bracelet Sterling

Crystal Bracelet Sterling

For centuries, it has been a tradition for a new fathers to give a new mother a token or gift of gratitude for the birth of his healthy baby. Unfortunately, gifts and tokens were rarely given unless a birth produced a male heir. Although their methods are not as socially accepted today, royal families have upheld this tradition for centuries.

Princess Diana reportedly received a diamond choker, accented with a diamond heart pendant from Prince Charles as a ‘Thank you’ for the birth of Prince William. Upon the birth of her son, Francis, Maria Carolina of Austria (Marie Antoinette’s sister) received a rank and position of Counselor of State. An old, French tradition is one wherein the new father presents his wife a diamond upon the birth of his first child. New mom gifts have spanned the centuries.

In this day and age, with the economy as unsteady and questionable as it currently is, new fathers cannot afford to give the extravagant jewels of royalty, let alone palaces and positions of rank! Luckily for them, new fathers today can buy mementos for the women who grant them heirs. This is where the newest jewelry designs and trends can help a new father give a gift to be treasured always!

Today, the Internet serves as a resourceful avenue to find the latest ideas for gifts to new mothers. Top trends include several beautiful jewelry choices including bracelets, pendants, and custom sterling silver charm bracelets. All of these are found in stay at home mom’s stores, scattered throughout the World Wide Web.

A custom, personalized silver pendant is a great idea for mom! You can get a 99.9% pure silver pendant with her child’s name hand-engraved on it, along with a matching pendant with her baby’s birth date. Best of all, the pendants can also be added to a sterling charm bracelet to wear later, as the years go by. Plus additional children can continually be added to it!

Another truly unique gift idea is a mother’s bracelet. A simple beaded bracelet with a “mom” charm dangling delicately from it will bring smiles to last for years. Name bracelets are also a hot trend right now. A mother can have all of her children’s names on one bracelet! Sterling silver cubes are strung to reveal a baby’s name. Add one or two more strands to that bracelet and mommy can have her whole brood delicately represented on one stunning piece of jewelry!

Hollie Souza, owner and jewelry designer for, a Jewelery and Accessories Boutique for Baby, Child, and Adult. Specializing in baby name bracelets, mother bracelets, hand-fired and engraved 99.9% pure silver pendants and charms, sterling silver, Swarovski and Czech crystal jewelry, 14kt gold accent jewelry, personalized jewelry, and custom items.

Crystal Bracelet Sterling
Crystal Bracelet Sterling
Crystal Bracelet Sterling

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