Crystal Bridal Blue

Crystal Bridal Blue

Every bride needs something blue for her special day. One of the prettiest ways to wear blue (which symbolizes fidelity, by the way) is to choose beautiful blue bridal jewelry. From modern to classic, navy to robin’s egg, there is a set of blue jewelry that is perfect for your wedding.

When you begin shopping for your bridal jewelry, give some thought to the rest of your wedding colors. Many couples will choose to use some shade of blue in their wedding décor, and if so, that would make a great color for your jewelry. If you are not already tied to any particular shade of blue, then you will have even more options available to you.

Think about the general feeling that you would like to create for your wedding. If your taste runs to the traditional, then the classic navy blue of sapphires will be to your liking. Don’t worry if you have not set aside hundreds or even thousands of dollars from your wedding budget to spend on your bridal jewelry. Sapphire colored Swarovksi crystals are a beautiful and affordable alternative to pricey precious gems.

Spring and summer brides might prefer to choose bridal jewelry in a lighter shade of blue. Tiffany blue is a favorite color for weddings, and it is a beautiful shade to wear in your jewelry. Crystals in that light and cheerful color combine wonderfully with freshwater pearls to make a pearl strand that is classic and yet unique. This same idea also works very well for bridesmaid jewelry gifts. You can have a custom bracelet and earring set made to give as gifts to your attendants featuring your wedding colors.

If you like the idea of mixing a variety of shades of blue, there are many fun pieces of jewelry to try. One unusual material to investigate is enamel. You can find some very pretty enamel bangle bracelets that are done in intricate patterns with vibrant blue tones. As a gift for your groom, a set of blue enamel cufflinks would help him to wear his commitment to true love on his sleeve.

For brides who simply love pearls, you may be happily surprised to learn that you can get Swarovski pearls in several beautiful shades of blue. There is a rich blue, called night blue, that is great in combination with clear crystals, or as a dramatic strand of blue pearls. Brides who like a softer blue will adore the light blue Swarovski pearls. Think about how pretty they would look as a touch of blue mixed in with traditional white pearl bridal jewelry. Very soft and feminine.

There are so many shades of blue out there that you will surely find one that speaks to you. If you love bright and modern colors, check out Swarovski crystals in a blue zircon shade. They are a great choice to use with clear crystals in a pair of long drop earrings. Brides who love all things vintage will enjoy the gentle glow of a blue-white opal. And if you are a fan of tanzanite, you can find that same signature blueish-purple hue in a tanzanite colored crystal at a fraction of the cost.

Every bride is looking for some way to add personality and interest to her bridal ensemble. Blue bridal jewelry is a terrific way to give your gown more flair. You will also find that jewelry in your favorite shade of blue is something that you will enjoy wearing time and time again.

Look to Bridget for advice on planning your wedding. Check out how we can help with your bridesmaids jewelry at Crystal bridal jewelry can be handcrafted in many gorgeous colors for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Crystal Bridal Blue
Crystal Bridal Blue
Crystal Bridal Blue

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