Crystal Bridal Chandelier

Crystal Bridal Chandelier

The perfect wedding gown deserves the perfect accessories. The newest trends in bridal jewelry are big, bold, and dazzling. These are some of the hottest trends in bridal jewelry, and how you can wear them for your wedding.

Sparkle is huge for brides right now. Huge as in lots of sparkle, and huge as in big chunky pieces of jewelry. Diamonds, crystals, and rhinestones were seen all over the runways at every major bridal show this spring. The emphasis was on statement-making crystal bridal jewelry. Single large pieces were hot, as were layers of glittering necklaces and bracelets.

One very popular shape for bridal jewelry this year is the crystal starburst. It can be used in a number of different ways to add elegance to your wedding ensemble. A really versatile option is an oversized crystal brooch, which can be attached to a wide satin ribbon, and worn as a choker, a bracelet, or even a headband. This is definitely one of the strongest trends of the moment, and it also has the appeal of vintage glamour.

Speaking of chokers, they are very hot for brides who want their jewelry to make a statement. Double and even triple strands of crystals are a fabulous look. The crystal and pearl combination is also quite popular for this type of bridal jewelry, especially for daytime weddings. Pair a choker with a matching set of earrings, either a large stud or a coordinating chandelier for the perfect finishing detail.

Chandelier earrings have been a popular trend for brides for quite a while now, and it is still going strong. They have enough of a vintage feeling to be timeless, and yet they are also very hip and festive. The chandelier earring is both glamorous and very party-girl chic at the same time. Many brides will choose to don a pair of these fabulous drops for the reception, even if they choose more demure earrings for their ceremony.

Bracelets are one of those accessories that can drift in and out of style, and right now they are definitely in. Keeping with the idea that more is more, big dramatic bracelets with plenty of sparkling Swarovski crystals are the hot look for brides this season. Choose either one very wide bracelet, or customize the look by layering and stacking two or three bracelets. Whichever you decide, the effect will be red carpet ready.

When you are putting together your wedding accessories, don’t forget about your hair. Headbands are one of the most popular bridal looks this year, and this is the perfect chance to add more sparkle to your outfit. A wide band works well as a place to pin either one large grand pin or a series of smaller brooches. Both are very beautiful ways to dress your tresses.

The great thing about your crystal or pearl bridal jewelry is that it will have a long life after the wedding. These special pieces can be dressed up for festive occasions, or worn in a funky way for more relaxed events. They will serve as a wonderful reminder of your wedding for years to come.

Laura is interested in wedding planning and wedding trends including jewelry,receptions and gifts. Crystal bridal jewelry is an affordable way to add glamour and drama to your wedding gown.

Crystal Bridal Chandelier
Crystal Bridal Chandelier
Crystal Bridal Chandelier

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