Crystal Bridal Dangle

Crystal Bridal Dangle

What bride doesn’t want to look thinner on her wedding day? But forget about crash diets or insane workout routines. If you choose the right gown and accessories, you will look slimmer without having to lose a pound.

One of the biggest mistakes that bride make is trying to camouflage problem areas with tons of fabric. Surprisingly, this tactic will often only end up drawing the eye right to the area you are trying to hide. For instance, on a bride with a large bust or heavy upper arms, the worst thing she can do is to choose a gown with a high neckline and long sleeves. Remember that white is not necessarily all that slimming, and you can make yourself look larger than you really are with too much fabric. It may seem backwards, but often the bride with a large bust will look smaller in an open v-neck dress, and the one with soft arms should wear strapless. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself – you will be amazed!

The waistline of your gown can make a huge difference in what it does for your figure. Unless you are very petite, chances are that a drop waisted dress will be the best one to whittle your waist. Make sure that the dress has plenty of boning and fits you well for the best hourglass effect. Many plus size gown designers send out the same empire waisted gown with a split panel at the waist with the idea that it hides the tummy. While it might hide a tummy, it also hides the bride’s great curves, making her look shapeless instead of fabulous.

Another surprisingly slimming gown feature can be ruching at the waist. You might think that the last thing you would want to do is add extra fabric around your middle, but when it is done well, ruching can be very flattering. It smooths out any bumps underneath, and creates a nice texture on the gown. You will often see ruching done on the diagonal, which is even more figure flattering.

Brides with larger hips or tushes should be wary of bridal gowns with very full skirts. It might seem like they would be a good way to hide that part of the body, but all of that extra fabric will often only emphasize the lower half. A big bottom under a big bow will still look like a big bottom. The clean lines of a full A-line skirt are usually much more flattering than a poufy skirt.

So who should wear those full skirts? Brides with thick waists and slim hips. The fuller skirt will give the visual illusion of a smaller waist, especially if it is balanced out on top by a wide neckline, such as a portrait neck (good for anyone) or a bateau (for small busted brides only). If you have a gown with a basque waistline (which dips to a slight v in the center), the effect will be even more slimming.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the little things. If you have a rounder face, try wearing sparkling crystal bridal jewelry with long straight drops, like a great pair of dangle earrings. Another way to use your crystal bridal jewelry to flatter your figure is to choose a necklace with drops in the center, rather than a choker, which can make your neck look shorter.

The final way to look more slim on your wedding day is to stand up straight and proud as you walk down the aisle. Oh, and hold your upper arms slightly away from your body to avoid the dreaded upper-arm squish effect. When I look at my wedding pictures, all of the women have their arms slightly out, and they all look fabulous!

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Crystal bridal jewelry is a glamorous touch for your wedding day.

Crystal Bridal Dangle
Crystal Bridal Dangle
Crystal Bridal Dangle

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