Crystal Bridal Pink

Crystal Bridal Pink
Bridal Veil: Two Questions.?

I am having an English Garden wedding, but am not being strict with the old-world theme, and am including fun/unexpected touches along with traditional/heritage-based touches. My colors are kiwi, pale pink, white, and silver. The wedding flower is kiwi-center pale pink gerberas, the bridesmaids will have crystal accents in their floral bouqet, while I will have a crystal bouqet. I hadn’t intended to wear a veil, but while hunting for a photographer, I came across this wedding album: (Under the ‘Unions’ section, choose ‘Sam and Nina’). In photos 8, 9, 10, 11, and
13 you get an idea of the veil and how it looks. Is that too 20s for my theme, or would it work? If so, how would be the best way to make it (I see the basics, but need steps and measurments, etc), or where could I find on like it?

I have a feeling it’s too 20s…

Here’s some of my wedding things to give you a feel for it:

I think you could pull it off! At first I was thinking it was too 20′s but really it’s not. With your simply elegant dress the veil would add just the right touch, even for a garden wedding. I really actually think, the garden part makes it more appropriate. It’s simple and classy and that can be done anytime, anywhere, any how!
Wear it!

Crystal Bridal Pink
Crystal Bridal Pink
Crystal Bridal Pink

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