Crystal Bridal Wedding

Crystal Bridal Wedding

This is an exciting time of year for 2010 brides – all of the top designers have just showing their latest collections of wedding gowns in New York, and it won’t be long before the styles hit the stores. This year the gowns were dramatic and eclectic, with a different flavor than this year’s wedding dresses. Read on for the scoop on the hottest looks for 2010 brides.

The wedding gowns being sold this season have a strong leaning towards matte fabrics like chiffon and slender skirts. Not true for the newest collection of gowns that was just shown. Brides who want a straighter skirt will certainly have plenty of choices, but most of the newest gowns feature fuller and more dramatic skirts. One thing is for sure: the ballgown is back.

Designers were definitely showing dresses with classic ballgown lines, but many of the fuller skirts had a lot more detail than a traditional ballgown. The drama on the bottom half of the gowns was created from masses of ruffles, big draped layers, and even incredible pinwheels and three-dimensional flower appliques. Another popular look is a gown that is fairly slender through the hips and then flares into an exaggerated trumpet skirt. The styles are definitely eye-catching and exuberant.

Speaking of ruffles, they are everywhere for next year’s gowns. Cascades of ruffles fall down a skirt into an incredible full skirt. Strapless gowns feature ruffles on the neckline. Designers were even showing ruffles on little bolero jackets and veils. One thing that these gowns are not is boring or shy.

Fabrics for 2010 bridal gowns are trending back towards the perennial favorites, satin and taffeta. This luxe fabrics are just right for the fuller skirts that are back in vogue. You are also seeing satin gowns embellished with accents such as beaded crystal straps, which pair perfectly with crystal bridal jewelry. This is a departure from the current season, which focused entirely on fabric accents. Brides who love sparkle will be happy to see the return of crystal jewelry detailing on the bridal gowns!

Some of the 2009 gown trends have been carried into next year’s styles. Asymmetry is still all the rage. The one shoulder gown sticks around for another season, but that is only the beginning. Designers went wild with asymmetrical draping and ruching on bodices and skirts. A love of interesting architecture in the way the fabric is hung and used is still very popular. It is rare to see a gown that has plain fabric hung without some sort of folding, pleating, or gathering. One notable difference is that the bridal designers have translated this concept from the soft chiffons of 2009 into the more substantial satins of 2010.

One other important idea for 2010 bridal gowns is the concept of intentional imperfection. Vera Wang, in particular, focused on creating gowns that were eclectic and not too “perfect”. This was achieved by using such fabrics as silk organza or tulle with raw torn edges in a perfectly artful way. It is a style that when done with care can be quite striking and unique.

Picking out a wedding gown is always a very special time in a bride’s life. The styles that are fresh off the runway are chic, interesting, and quite beautiful. No matter what your taste is, you are sure to find an incredible dress among the newest creations for 2010.

Let us know if you need assistance in any area of planning your wedding.Take advantage of Bridget’s experience helping clients select jewelry and accessories. Crystal bridal jewelry is the perfect accent for the glamorous 2010 wedding gowns.

Crystal Bridal Wedding
Crystal Bridal Wedding
Crystal Bridal Wedding

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