Crystal Butterfly Brooch

Crystal Butterfly Brooch

Beautiful butterfly brooches. If you’re a new owner of a shawl, especially a pashmina shawl, then securing it on your shoulder should be one of your immediate concerns.

Chances are, you will either just tie it in a knot or, like a well versed fashion icon, use shawl pins to secure the shawl while giving you the added benefit of coming out more sophisticated and elegant in your wear.

Although there are hundreds upon hundreds of shawl pin and brooch designs both in the real world and on the Web, sometimes it is a lot more fulfilling if you had a hand in the process, literally. This means, out of your own creativity shall spring forth the one true set of shawl pins that can significantly reflect your character.

No single design out there in the market today can really capture what you really want. Unless of course you had some artisan design and make one for you, it just seldom happens that a product in the market is the exact fit to a particular person’s peculiarities. In rare instances that they do, it would have come with a great amount of exertion on the part of the individual.

Creating your own shawl pin design is actually not a difficult thing to do, especially if you are clear with what you want. You see, as in any endeavor, it always starts with a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. To do this, you should know yourself, how you think, how you dress, and how you want other people to think about you.

Once you are done with this very crucial step, you then need to transform your ideas into images – images of shawl pins that other people can also see. These images can actually start in your mind and may be the result of having viewed different designs and integrating a host of elements to best capture what you want to portray.

You will need to draw these images, sketch them if you will using lines that invariably flow from your imagination. Think of how it will look against the backdrop of your shawl. Will it be able to enhance the natural elegance of the shawl or will it complement its design patterns? Is it too loud or does it run contrary to fashion sense?

Run through the images in your mind again and compare it with what you have drawn. Will you need more elements integrated into the design or even refinement of lines? Would you consider having the opinion of a designer without necessarily changing the overall essence of your design? Ask your friends, acquaintances and family about your design; they will be glad to give you a piece of their mind.

When you are contented with your design, you can bring it to your local artisan to transform the image into the real thing. It may take quite some time before you finally see the final product but the wait will be well worth it. Your shawl pins are your own creations and as such are a reflection of your own character. 

Advancing technology has enhanced the way to use fashion accessories… crystal butterfly brooches look gorgeous. The only problem may women find when choosing butterfly brooches, is which style and color to opt for. The butterfly brooch comes in many shapes, styles and hold prominent significance for the wearer.

Crystal Butterfly Brooch
Crystal Butterfly Brooch
Crystal Butterfly Brooch

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