Crystal Carved Dragon

Crystal Carved Dragon

Storytelling is something many of us aspire too. Through my life i’ve know many amateur storytellers including my mother and father. They used to tell fantastic stories when I was young, and many times used props such as a dragon figurines or other types of collectible crystal figurines to to animate the stories. For a young child it was awesome!

Figurines are amazing gift and collectors items. Sometimes referred to as dolls or small statues, they can make amazing home decorative or collectibles display pieces for any home or office, school etc.

Most children can relate to dogs and enjoy their pets at a young age. So, for example, you can buy your child a crystal dragon figurine that goes with a story, and they can keep it on their bedside table. They will then be able to relate the figurine to the story, which can make it more real for them. Their imaginations are already so wide and once they have the crystal dragon figurine to associate their fairytale or story to, it becomes more concrete for them. You might even find once your child has a nice collection they may begin to create their own stories and games which will help with their creative thinking later in life.

If you prefer you can even buy different kinds of crystal figurines and ask your child to make up a story about that particular figurine. You can jot down the story in a book and maybe ask them to paint pictures the next day to go with the story. This way you stimulate your child’s creativity and get them to think about the animal or persons habitat and food etc. Or you can make up a story that goes with the figurine – Create your own stories!

Here are some types you could get:

beagle figurine

cat figurines

wildlife figurines

shih tzu figurine

dachshund figurine

horse figurines

fish figurine

collectable figurines

What happens when you children grow up? DonÂ’t despair, you did not buy the crystal animals and figurines for nothing. They will not be forgotten, maybe just for a little while as they grow up into teenagers and find other interests. Collect the crystal dragon figurines and put them into a glass cabinet for the meantime as display, or pack them into the beautifully carved wooden chest in your room for a couple of years until they will become of use again. And they will.

Figurines don’t lose their beauty; neither do they lose their value. They can be carried through to the next generation and still stir interest and imagination. When your daughter and her husband tell you they are going to have a baby of their own, you can slowly start taking out all the crystal animals and figurines and decide which one is fitting to their new life. She will remember the days she held them to her heart when you read her favorite story. Memories will start flooding back. Now you can tell the same stories to your grandchildren, and your children will carry on the legacy of association and imagination. You will have created a collection of memories and happy moments.

I am sure you will find many other ways of having fun with your crystal figurines and dragon figurines

Jarad “the figurine guy” Nelson is a expert collector and retailer of the finest figurines money can buy. He runs Figurine Kingdom with a vision to provide the figurine enthusiast community a one stop shop for all their figurine shopping requirements.

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Crystal Carved Dragon
Crystal Carved Dragon
Crystal Carved Dragon

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