Crystal Dangle Cluster

Crystal Dangle Cluster
Do competition dresses normally have ‘stones’ on the back?

I am stoning my daughters competition dress and the front is done and I turned it over and wondered if I put the same design on the back as the front.

If you are curious, she is 10 years old and a FS4 skater. She is skating to the opening number form the movie LadyHawk, The dress is black and white (if you know the movie that will make sense if you don’t I couldn’t explain it, sorry) with a few ‘feathers’ made from glistenette. The design on the front is 12 dangling crystal clusters (they dangle because of the feathers). I would sure like to put the other 12 dangles on her sleeve… I only have 12 more total… So I am up in the air… I will be putting stones at the neck and cuffs and maybe between the division of black and white.

You can put rhine stones on the back – I’ve done it lots of times! It’s hard to make suggestions how to decorate a dress without really seeing it . . . but depending on the design, if you were to put it on the back, I’d make it a hint of what’s on the front side (instead of exactly the same ) – so the front really stands out. Make sure the dangles aren’t too close to the hip/rear in case of a fall.

Just one company’s example:
Scroll down towards middle of the page

I loved “Lady Hawk”! The costume sounds very appropriate! Good luck to you in finishing the dress – and to your daughter when she skates in it!

Crystal Dangle Cluster
Crystal Dangle Cluster
Crystal Dangle Cluster

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