Crystal Dragonfly Pin

Crystal Dragonfly Pin

The boutonierre is the one special piece of flair that the groom gets to wear. Traditionally, boutonierres were very basic, like a white rose with a sprig of fern leaf, but these days, couples are getting more creative with their selections. These are the latest trends in wedding boutonierres.

Although it is nice if the groom’s lapel decoration can incorporate a flower from the bride’s bouquet, it is no longer considered the only option. Of greater importance is that the boutonierre matches the general theme or style of the wedding. For example, if the wedding will be formal, and the bride is planning to wear a lot of sparkling crystal jewelry, the stem of the groom’s flower can actually be trimmed in tiny crystals. On the other hand, if the bride will be wearing casual beach wedding jewelry for a destination wedding, the boutonierre can incorporate a small seashell wired into a few blooms. These types of accents help to make the groom’s lapel ornament like a tiny little piece of art, rather than just a white flower pinned to his jacket.

Seasonal elements are a big trend in boutonierres. Particular favorites include natural elements other than flowers. If you were having an autumn wedding, for instance, you could create lapel pins from a pair of acorns and beautiful velvet leaves. This is an example of how the boutonierre can be made to tie in with the wedding without necessarily having any flowers in common with the bouquets. Of course, the acorn and velvet leaf combination is so wonderful that the bride might just want to steal the idea from the groom, and add some of them into her wedding flowers.

Contemporary accents are also a hot trend. Among the more popular additions are succulents, hypericum berries, fiddlehead ferns, seeded eucalyptus, and even peacock feathers. These are some of the unique elements that brides are incorporating into the bouquets and centerpieces, so it only makes sense to let grooms get in on the fun. They can be combined to create boutonierres that have terrific sculptural form and texture. These types of modern boutonierres are very appealing to many grooms, as they are not at all feminine.

Something else that is big with boutonierres now is to coordinate them to the groom’s tie. This works well when the groom will be wearing something other than the standard black bow tie or straight tie. The lapel accent can be designed to pull out a color from the tie, echo a shape in the pattern, or even mimic a motif. For instance, if the necktie has a design with a little bee or dragonfly, a tiny faux critter can be tucked into the flowers of the boutonierre for a fun surprise.

One of the oddest trends in boutonierres is perhaps the most intriguing. That is to create a lapel pin made not from natural elements, but from a small object that the groom particularly likes. Some of the unique accents have included things like tiny action figures or little robot collectibles. It is definitely offbeat, but it is a great way for the groom to get to express his own personality (assuming the bride is game).

As with the rest of the wedding flowers and décor, the trend for boutonierres is towards the personal, eclectic, and unique. This one little piece of flair can become a very special detail in the wedding, if given some thought. Allow your groom to have a say in creating the perfect boutonierre, as well, so that he will be happy to wear it on the wedding day.

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Crystal Dragonfly Pin
Crystal Dragonfly Pin
Crystal Dragonfly Pin

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