Crystal Drop

Crystal Drop

Chandeliers have been around for quite some time already. Some five thousand years ago, these chandeliers were already used among many common establishments. However, they do not appear as sophisticated as the ones we have today. Owing to technology, and the skills and creativity of modern people, we have brought the new age for crystal chandeliers.

Egypt Origins

Butter lamps were the first crystal chandeliers made in Egypt. These lights were used to decorate the tombs of the Pharaohs. They are thought to be the first chandeliers ever made. Although other traces of chandeliers were also seen from various parts of the world, many consider Egypt as the first country to ever make the chandeliers we know of today.

Ever since the first butter lamp was made, varieties in crystal chandelier decorations began to be developed. There were plastics, brass, stainless steel, ceramics, and many more materials used. Decorations also became limitless; you can see chandeliers in a variety of shapes and sizes during this time. However, the production is not as extensive as the ones we have today.

12th Century Discovery

Centuries passed and the development of clearer chandeliers was thought of. As a result, crystal pieces were incorporated to add brilliance to a lighting fixture. Still, Egypt was the first to use crystals in chandeliers. But since the costs are extremely expensive, the realm of these chandeliers only revolved among the wealthy and influential people.

Moving To The 18th Century

The 18th century marked the first spread of crystal chandeliers – specifically the drop type. Ever since Louis XIV of France rose to power, modern embellishments in Europe began to be manufactured. Because the country is rich economically and culturally, it was never hard for him to influence the world to become civilized.

When he decided to create the most luxurious palace — The Palace of Versailles — certain technological advancements were made including chandeliers. It took him twenty long years to build the symbol of his empire. And since the palace carried his legacy, it is only right for the place to be adorned with one of the most luxurious and expensive lighting fixtures in the world — The Real Drop Crystal Chandelier. Today, this type of chandelier is known to have the same costs as an 80foot yacht or a detached home in the city of London. Because pure crystals and real gold are used to make the chandelier, it is never a wonder why the lighting fixture is priced such way.

Drop Crystal Chandeliers Expansion

Today, drop crystal chandeliers can be seen everywhere. And although these fixtures may not be as expensive as the original one created, it still carries the sophistication and elegance of the European people. — Crystal Chandeliers.

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Crystal Drop
Crystal Drop
Crystal Drop

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