Crystal Earrings Swarovski

Crystal Earrings Swarovski

The fact of the matter is that you see more and more pregnant brides these days. Once held as a deep secret, a pre-marital pregnancy is now seen as more of a fact of life (not to mention often a reason for getting married). So when a baby on the way makes three, how does a bride go about planning the perfect wedding?

If there is one piece of advice that I could give to brides who are expecting, it would be to ask for help. In fact, this is good advice for any bride. Planning a wedding is a monumental task under any circumstances; when you are also pregnant, it is unrealistic and potentially even unhealthy to take on that burden unaided. Remember that people love weddings, and when a friend or relative asks what they can do to help, do not assume that they are just trying to be polite and decline their offer without thinking about it. A much saner response is to say, “Why actually, Aunt Kay, I would be grateful for your help. Could you please…” and fill in the blank with some task that has been lingering on your to-do list for way too long.

Timing is everything when you are tying to manage a wedding and a pregnancy. It is far better to plan a simple affair that you can get organized in a few months than to try to plan a lavish reception that will mean pushing the wedding date into your final months of pregnancy. By those last days, all you will want to do is sit on the sofa with your feet up; trying to fit into a fancy gown and wearing dressy (in other words, uncomfortable) shoes for hours and hours will be the last thing you feel like doing. If a large reception is important to you or your parents, have an intimate wedding now, and the lavish party after the baby is born. Plan on at least four months after your due date, so you will have a change to shed at least a few of the pounds of baby weight before being the center of attention at an elegant soiree.

Speaking of the wedding gown, this can be one of the biggest challenges for a pregnant bride. The first step is to find a really good seamstress, because fitting your gown will be a little trickier than most. When you select your gown, be generous when estimating how much extra room you will need as your belly expands. Remember that you can easily take something in, but letting dresses out may not always be an option. Shop for gowns that have embellishments like lace appliques that can be easily stitched on at the last minute once your gown has been fit to you. Avoid wedding dresses that have embroidery that runs over the side seams, which will never line up properly once a gown has been drastically altered.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but for most women it is not the time in their lives when they feel their most glamorous. Give yourself a boost by treating yourself to something sparkly like a pair of handmade Swarovski crystal earrings. The great thing about jewelry is that it always fits perfectly, no alterations needed! And on days when you are feeling a bit drab, a fabulous pair of handmade Swarovski crystal earrings could be just the spark that you need to restore that beautiful bridal radiance to your face.

Finally, try to take it easy. Do not let planning your dream wedding stress you out or wear you down. Remember to enjoy the process, and look forward to your perfect little family to come.

Finding the whole process of weddings and all the planning that goes into one fascinating, Laura writes about many of the considerations that brides have to deal with. Handmade Swarovski crystal earrings will help any bride to feel fabulous on her wedding day.

Crystal Earrings Swarovski
Crystal Earrings Swarovski
Crystal Earrings Swarovski

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