Crystal Elastic Bracelet

Crystal Elastic Bracelet

Jewelry makers are using unique and innovative materials from precious gemstones to metals to intricate glass and ceramic beads.

You don’t have to be a seasoned professional jeweler to learn how to make jewelry. Many craft and bead stores offer classes on how to create beautiful jewelry including necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Materials Used to Make Jewelry

In order to make fashion jewelry, you’ll need specific equipment. Jewelry making supplies can be found at either craft or bead stores. These stores also offer jewelry making classes at affordable prices. You can also find online jewelry making instructions on the internet. Beads and jewelry making supplies can also be bought in bulk online as well.

These are some of the supplies that are used to make jewelry:

• Beads (a wide variety ranging from glass to wood to crystal)

• Jewelry wire

• Jewelry elastic (for stretchy bracelets)

• Thread

• Nylon cord

• Jewelry clasps

• Ornamental medallions (for necklaces)

• Hemp and leather cord

• Tweezers

• Needle nose pliers

• Flathead pliers

• Charms

• Ear hooks (used for earrings)

• Ball ear posts (used for earrings)

• Ear backs (used for earrings)

• Head pins

• Wire cutter

• Crimp beads

• Scissors

• Bead board

How to Make Easy Bracelets

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a stretchy-style bead bracelet. You will only need stretch elastic and beads that can be found at bead or craft stores (or the internet).

First, you need to determine the color and style of the fashion jewelry bracelet you want to make. You can make unique, creative patterns and themes. You can find a lot of creative ideas in books and from the internet.

You need to find elastic that is heavy enough so the elastic won’t break. You can use small or larger beads (or a combination of both small and large beads). You also need to make sure that the beads will fit on the elastic. After you finish stringing the beads, tie off the bracelet with a sturdy double knot.

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Crystal Elastic Bracelet
Crystal Elastic Bracelet
Crystal Elastic Bracelet

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