Crystal Faceted Beads

Crystal Faceted Beads
What’s the difference between crystal and regular glass?

I want to know if I can advertise some of my jewelry as having “crystal” beads, or if that could be misleading if they technically aren’t, and how you can tell. The supplier calls them Czech Firepolish beads and they have facets.

Here’s the skinny

Every mineral has a crystalline structure. Quartz crystals are organized atoms of silica.

Glass is unorganized – they cooled in a manner which did not allow the atoms to self assemble according to the molecular shape.

Usually there is a liquid solution that contains the atoms – the holding medium suspends the molecules long enough to create a crystal.

Fast cooling molten silica is has no suspension medium.

objects, like beads, can be carved from either form of solid.

Thisis different form “leaded crystal” which has lead added to the moltem mix, that when carves has a higher reflective index – resulting in a gem like appearance. like a true crystal like a diamond which is spectacular with color.

Crystal Faceted Beads
Crystal Faceted Beads
Crystal Faceted Beads

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