Crystal Floral Hair

Crystal Floral Hair

Flowers are one of the most special parts of a wedding, and I am not just referring to the bouquets and centerpieces. One of the current trends is to adorn the bride with floral accents in her hair, her gown, and even on her shoes. Whether they are fresh, fabric, or pearls, flowers are a very pretty addition to the bride’s ensemble.

For a few years, the trend in wedding details was heavy “bling”. Lots of silver embroidery, rhinestones, and crystals on everything from the bridal gown to the centerpieces to the cake. Sparkle is still loved by many brides, but it is being toned down a bit to allow more of an emphasis on softer accents. This is why the use of floral accents has become so popular.

The soft and romantic hairstyles that are in vogue for brides pair perfectly with floral bridal jewelry for the hair. Fresh flowers are one option for your hair accent. Some of the more popular include rosebuds, gardenias, and orchids. As pretty as they are, though, fresh flowers do have some limitations, such as wilting and being too large an ornament for some women. A great alternative is a delicate headpiece that is crafted in a floral design. Some of the loveliest bridal jewelry for the hair would be items like pearl hairpins in the shapes of a little flower or a comb with a crystal and pearl floral motif.

Wedding gowns have changed a lot in recent seasons. The heavily embellished satin ballgown is falling in favor a bit; brides are finding soft and romantic gowns with eclectic details to be more to their liking. Look for beautiful silk chiffon and organza dresses with handmade flower appliques that are just begging to be worn in a garden or on a beach. One of the most of-the-moment styles is a one shoulder gown that has a cluster of fabric flowers running over the shoulder and trailing down the back of the bodice a bit.

If you like a gown with a fuller skirt, take a look at the wedding dresses that are being created from embroidered silk organzas. This lovely fabric is often covered with a delicate floral design, and it can be pleated and gathered to create a full but soft skirt on a wedding dress. One of the nice things about this type of floral accent is that it is fairly subtle, but when your guests get a close look at your gown, they will have their breath stolen by its feminine beauty.

Your bridal shoes are a terrific place to take advantage of the floral trend. A very simple pair of pumps can be made special with the addition of a large silk flower. This would be a fun place to add a pop of color to your wedding ensemble; choose a flower in one of your wedding colors, or go for the classic “something blue”. For beach brides, a silk flower can be added to the center of a pretty thong sandal to dress it up enough to be worthy of being worn on your wedding day.

Flowers will always be in style for brides, but this year there are even more wonderful options than usual for floral accents. They are an easy way to make your bridal ensemble even prettier and more romantic. Best of all, pieces like floral hairpins and shoes can even be worn again – perhaps on your honeymoon!

Let us know if you need assistance in any area of planning your wedding.Take advantage of Bridget’s experience helping clients select jewelry and accessories. Floral hairpins are a beautiful idea for your bridal hair jewelry.

Crystal Floral Hair
Crystal Floral Hair
Crystal Floral Hair

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