Crystal Floral Lucite

Crystal Floral Lucite

A wedding is a joyous occasion, and an occasion when gifts are exchanged among many different people. Guests and bridal party members give gifts to the bride and groom. The bridal couple gives gifts to the wedding party and to the bride’s mother. Some couples do not give a gift to the mother of the groom. It is entirely proper to do so, however, and will go far toward alleviating feelings that the mother of the groom is in the background.

Unique gifts for the mother of the groom may be purchased, but the most unique gift a bridal couple can give her is personal attention. Only you can show that you have time for her on your special occasion. Before you get too caught up in the day, plan a heart-felt gift that only you can give.

The French custom of the groom walking his mother down the aisle is a lovely, unique gift that she will always remember. The bride and her father walk the aisle together. Give similar attention to the mother of the groom.

Order a lovely bouquet of her favorite flowers to be delivered the morning “after” your wedding. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Be sure it includes a sincere thank you for her part in the wedding.

In addition to your personal touch, give her a unique gift you have purchased. We’ve gathered a few ideas here to help you.

Unique Gifts for Mother of the Groom – Sentimental

Since the mother of the groom will usually cry at the wedding, give her a unique gift that is sentimental, and that she can cherish forever. A dainty handkerchief in linen and lace can be embroidered with the words, “Mother of the Groom” to make it uniquely hers.

A necklace with a tiny bouquet of silver forget-me-not flowers is another unique gift. Its gentle message is that she will not be forgotten, even though her son is married and starting his own family.

Visit the CafePress store online, and create a unique gift featuring Mom’s favorite photo of the couple, or simply a gift bearing your wedding date and names. Use your imagination to style a mug with the words “Mother-of-the-groom” and a photo of Mom.

Your personalized keepsake is always a unique gift. Write a poem, or choose one that expresses your feelings. Add your names, and have it etched on a scalloped block of clear Lucite with a display stand.

Unique Gifts for Mother of the Groom – Stylish

If the mother of the groom is a business woman, and regularly carries business cards, a unique gift might be a personalized business card case. Have it engraved with the initials, MOG. Few people will understand the initials, but she will think of you every time she uses it.

Purchase a decorative crystal bud vase and have it engraved for a unique gift. You might put her initial in flowing script near the top, with your names and wedding date at the bottom.

For a mother of the groom who always has a key in her hand, give her a heart locket key chain. Be sure the heart locket is large enough for an engraved message such as “Our hearts are always with you.” Put your photo inside, and you have a unique gift that no one else could give.

Unique Gifts for Mother of the Groom – Amusing

If the groom’s mother has a sense of humor and enjoys a good play on words, you might give her a lovely make-up set for “groom”-ing. Ornate, silver-tone make-up brushes in a black satin case would make a unique gift. A silver compact, engraved with her name, would also be fitting, either with the brushes or alone.

A medal of honor might also be appreciated as a unique gift for the mother of the groom. The Bridal People website offers an amusing medal of honor to be awarded the mother of the groom for surviving the wedding. Hanging from a ribbon, their medallion weaves together the initials M.O.G., and spells out Mother of the Groom in small letters across the top.

Tip: Unique gifts for the mother of the groom, or for anyone, are usually a result of coupling your imagination with your knowledge of the gift recipient.

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Crystal Floral Lucite
Crystal Floral Lucite
Crystal Floral Lucite

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