Crystal Flower Floral

Crystal Flower Floral

It is only natural to look for ways to cut costs on your wedding expenses, and your floral bill is one thing that can easily put you over your budget in a hurry. The key is to find ways to save money without sacrificing on the style of your wedding. These are some tips on the do’s and don’ts of cutting costs on your wedding flowers.

Do: Be have a realistic floral budget in mind before you begin interviewing florists. Some florists are comfortable creating beautiful looks in any price range and others specialize only in extravagant projects. You do not want to commit to a vendor who cannot work within your budget, as it will only end up with you spending way too much or ending up with floral displays that look puny and sparse.

Don’t: Obsess over every trend that you see in the bridal magazines. Yes, if you are wearing crystal bridal jewelry it would look gorgeous to add crystals to the center of each flower in your bouquet. However, expensive additions like adding crystal to match your bridal jewelry or a vintage silver bouquet handle are not at all necessary, and your floral budget would be better spent on fuller arrangements than subtle accessories.

Do: Choose flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. Not only will they cost less, but they will also be fresher and more beautiful. Certain flowers, such as roses, are available at any time of the year, but costs may vary if your wedding is near a holiday. In particular, avoid using red roses near Valentine’s Day when the price skyrockets.

Don’t: Think that nobody will notice if you substitute fake plastic ones for fresh flowers. They will! The flowers are one of the prettiest parts of a wedding (after the bride, naturally), and it is a mistake to treat them as an afterthought. There are many ways to keep the costs down while still having real blossoms on your wedding day. Keep reading for more ideas…

Do: Substitute flowering plants for cut flowers to see your costs plummet. A pretty seasonal potted plant can be easily dressed up to make an attractive centerpiece for your reception. For instance, if your wedding is in the fall, a lovely potted mum can be had for under $10. This idea can save you a fortune on your centerpieces, and yet your flowers will still look abundant and in the spirit of the season.

Don’t: Go crazy decorating the church for your ceremony. The real emphasis at a wedding ceremony is the marriage itself, and most churches are fancy enough that they don’t need much adornment anyway. A few tall floral arrangements on the altar are all that you really need, other than the bouquets. If you want to have some sort of decorations of the pews, pretty ribbon bows will look festive without the added expense of putting flowers on them. You can also skip the aisle runner and none of your guests will even notice.

Do: Pick flowers that are meaningful to you, rather than those that are the most showy or exotic. If you have always loved daisies, there is no reason that you cannot have a simple flower like that be the basis of your wedding design. There is nothing better than adding your personal touch to your wedding while saving money at the same time.

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Crystal Flower Floral
Crystal Flower Floral
Crystal Flower Floral

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