Crystal Grasshopper

Crystal Grasshopper

The Provo Craft Cricut Expression Cutting Machine is a big hit amongst crafters. It has already received numerous awards and sterling reviews from many sources. If you are a scrapbooker, teacher, activities director, or anyone else who needs to create paper craft projects, you will want to explore the pros and cons of the Cricut Expression.

The Cricut Expression will cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, and even vellum into letters, shapes, phrases and other designs quickly and easily. You have the option of using a 12”x12″ cutting mat for smaller designs or the 12″x24″ cutting mat for larger ones. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can cut pieces as tiny as .25″, which allows you to use up all those little scraps of paper you’ve been saving. A library of lightweight cartridges filled with thousand of designs is available to extend the Expression’s versatility.

Cricut Expression versus the Original Cricut

You might have heard about the Expression’s predecessor, the Cricut, also affectionately called the ‘little bug’. The Cricut Expression uses the same cartridges and knife blades as the original Cricut, but allows more flexibility. Because of its compact size, the original Cricut is only capable of cutting designs about half the size of the ones you can create with the Expression. The Expression also has several features not available on the original Cricut, including the ability to change languages and units of measurements, cut in portrait or landscape view, use multiple cuts for thicker materials, or create mirror images using the flip feature. The LCD screen is another new feature that allows you to see exactly what you will be cutting before you cut.

The Cricut Expression does have a couple of disadvantages over the original Cricut. The Expression is larger and takes more space on your desk or table. If you like to travel to crops or friends’ homes to work on projects, the Expression is heavier and more awkward to transport. The Expression is also more expensive. On the other hand, it allows much more versatility in your designs. The ability to cut larger items is great for creating signage or banners and is particularly useful to those who need to decorate bulletin boards or other large spaces.

Cricut Expression…Cutting Edge Technology

Overall, the Cricut Expression Cutting Machine is an exciting new option for crafters. It is especially nice for people who have arthritis in their fingers or whose hands are a little shaky. Most crafters will find it doesn’t take long to make up the initial cost of the Expression in the amount of money and time they save by not having to buy or hand cut their designs. The price has dropped considerably from the hefty original retail price of $499. If you shop carefully, you can now find the Expression for under $300. There is no computer or high-tech knowledge necessary to use this crafty machine, either. You can plug it into any wall outlet and be ready to start your project. You will have to replace the knife blade or cutting mat occasionally, and you may want to purchase additional cartridges to extend your design capabilities. It’s not a bad idea to purchase the optional tool kit, either, to make the paper easier to lift from the cutting mat. Other than that, the Expression is almost carefree. Once you own a Cricut Expression Cutting Machine, it will soon become such an integral part of your crafting, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Sammy DeOrtha is a scrap addict who could not live without her Cricut Expression or her Cricut cartridges.

Crystal Grasshopper
Crystal Grasshopper
Crystal Grasshopper

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