Crystal Hair Barrett

Crystal Hair Barrett

Whether you would like to create a modern wedding look or a romantic hairstyle, accessories for your hair can help you polish your bridal image. There are a variety of accessories on the market today to suit any bride’s style or wedding theme. Here is a short list of popular wedding hair accessories to help you look beautiful on your special day.

Headbands – headbands are simple, yet elegant. Select a wide one for a retro look, or skinny ones for a modern, preppy look. These are perfect for the bride who wants to be comfortable while still being stylish. Pairs easily with your veil.

Feathers – feathers are a hot trend right now, these are perfect for the trendy “in style” bride. These can be purchase and added to combs, clips, barrettes or even woven through hair. Alternatively, there are many accessories with feathers pre-attached.

Veil – believe it or not, sometimes less is more, and a veil may be all you need. If you are opting out of hair accessories go elaborate with your veil – pearls, jewels and crystal accents will compliment your look.

Fresh Flowers – once a trend, now a tradition – adding a sprig of your favorite flower to your hair can give you a romantic, soft touch. Check with your florist though, to see which flowers will hold up without water.

Tiaras – these can range from classical princess styles to modern, asymmetric looks to retro inspired glam. Don’t rule out a tiara just based on the name, there are so many styles one will suit your look.

Hair Vines – held in place by pins on each end, these are highly flexible and can conform to most any hairstyle. Many are encrusted with jewels, crystals or pearls.

Barrettes – these are not what you would think – a simple barrette can sweep back locks, hold bangs to the side or keep layers in place. Barrettes can be elaborate or simple depending on the look you are going for.

Hair Jewelry – whether you decide to decorate your hair with shells (for a beach bride) or crystals (for an upscale look) hair jewelry is placed either around your style (such as a bun) or strategically placed throughout your style.

Tropical Flowers – this works well for tropical inspired weddings or beach weddings – a pop of a vibrant color will look wonderful in your wedding photos.

Birdcage Pouf – for the bride who wants a veil, but doesn’t want to be weighed down. Depending on how you style the rest of your hair, this could be a romantic vintage look or very edgy and unique. You can wear the poof over your face for the beginning of the reception, then style it into a “pouf” for the reception.

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Crystal Hair Barrett
Crystal Hair Barrett
Crystal Hair Barrett

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