Crystal Heart Dangle

Crystal Heart Dangle

It can be really wonderful if one can make pearl earrings on one’s own, since among women, pearl earrings happen to be one of the most favored jewelry items. Pearl earrings can be made easily, even as anklets, bracelets or necklaces are the pieces that come to mind, when pearl jewelry is thought of.

With alteration in the kind of earrings, the requirements for the material required for making these also changes. Dangle, chandelier and stud are among the kinds of earrings that are available. Making use of a couple of pearls that are round in shape and are quite plain otherwise, designs for earrings that are graceful and yet quite simple can be prepared. Being expensive and fancy need not be essential qualities associated with pearl earrings.

Pearl bracelets and necklaces of the matching type can also be created, apart from previously owned pearl jewelry being combined with the earrings created on one’s own. A dangle earring pair can be created by following the procedure described here, which, obviously, has to be repeated twice.

Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire cutter are among the tools for making jewelry that would be required, along with ear hooks, wire and head pins. Beads made of turquoise or crystal can also be used, if a combination is desired to be prepared, besides the basic requirement of pearls for making the earrings.

The head pin’s remaining part has to be wrapped around itself, after one end of a previously made loop of wire is slipped into it. Nosed pliers are used to create the loop, after beads and pearls are strung, taking the head pin. Loops are created on both ends of the wire before that and, making use of bent nosed pliers, wire is wrapped around one loop.

For each clothing ensemble that one has, a set of earrings that matches perfectly can be created, by making earring pairs of various colors that are constructed from affordable material like freshwater pearls. Otherwise, pearls that are black or white in color can be used to create earrings that can then be worn with any clothing ensemble.

Earrings from Cathaygems:

Crystal Heart Dangle
Crystal Heart Dangle
Crystal Heart Dangle

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