Crystal Heart Shape

Crystal Heart Shape
About Bella’s bracelet in Eclipse -the one given by Edward (heart shaped crystal)?

First, when they discussed it very briefly in the garage (Edward cut Alice off) -p. 467
Then Bella thought about it briefly when Jacob reminded her of the bracelet -p. 475
I don’t understand it.. with the 5-carat and all..
What does the statement “He’s already got one on you” mean??
With the 1st answer below, does that mean that Bella didn’t know that the crystal was a diamond? And Edward cut Alice off because he didn’t want Bella to know that it was a diamond? Sorry if I ask a lot.:)

Alice was referring to the diamond heart that Edward gave her to put on her bracelet. She meant that if she already has one why not a diamond ring to go with it?

Yes Bella did not know that the heart was actually in fact a diamond. She’d never suspect that someone would give a diamond to her nor does she believe that she deserves/should take something that expensive. Yes Edward did not want Alice to tell Bella that the heart was a diamond because he did not want Bella to freak out and reject it. He thought it was sweet and sentimental regardless of the fact that it was a very expensive diamond and wanted her to have it. He knew that she probably would have rejected it if she had know what it really was so he refrained from telling her before hand.

Crystal Heart Shape
Crystal Heart Shape
Crystal Heart Shape

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