Crystal Jewelry Birthstones

Crystal Jewelry Birthstones

There are only twelve months in a year. Do you know that there are also 12 different Crystal Jewelry colors that you can choose from depending on the month you were born. So if you are thinking of a perfect birthday gift for someone you love, you are lucky. This article will help you buy that perfect gift that your friend or loved one will definitely love. You can even match the color with your gown.

Let’s say that you were born in the month of Aquarius. That’s January to those who are not much into zodiac signs. Your primary birthstone is Garnet. If you are born in the month of February, your birthstone is Amethyst. If you are a March baby, you will then love your Aquamarine birthstone. They say that you are fool when you were born in the month of April, maybe that’s why you were assigned such a simple but definitely precious stone like Crystal.

The beauty of the land you’ve first seen during the month of May is no more beautiful than your birthstone Emerald, which brings sparkles to your eyes even if they are not as green in color. The White Opal birthstone on the other hand is the perfect match for the month of June, when weddings are big and white gowns are a dime a dozen. White after all means hope and purity. But if were born in the first month of the second half of the year, which is July, the Ruby is the one for you.

August was named after Augustus Caesar, the roman warrior. If you are born on that month, then you have a birthstone that is not as common as the other— the Peridot.
If you were on the other hand were born in September and your name starts on the letter “S”, the precious birthstone will surely fit you to a T. This is because the birthstone for that month is Sapphire. As the first month of last quarter of the year, your birthstone Rose Quartz is a great accessory piece for you. Topaz, with its fiery yellow color is the birthstone for those born on the month of October. To those whose birthdays fall on the last month of the year, they have the blue zircon for a birthstone.

So why waste time in thinking about the perfect gift when you can easily find it with these birthstones. Not only will it be beautiful and precious, your gift will also be meaningful. Besides, no person will not appreciate a gift of jewelry. This is especially true if you are giving the gift to a girl. Who in their right minds will resist a gift of precious stones— whether they are made into anklets, bracelets or necklaces. It will even be the perfect gift to those who will be celebrating their debut or their sweet sixteen.

Be careful though and make sure that you buy your precious stones from the Swarovski Corporation. The company is the only company that you can trust to give you the best in quality jewelry.

If you are feeling creative, you can buy some Sterling Silver wire, some beads and of course, some of the stones from the Swarovski company. With these, you can already fashion your own jewelry. You will not only be able to wear your own design, you can even save some money by making your own.

Crystal Jewelry Birthstones
Crystal Jewelry Birthstones
Crystal Jewelry Birthstones

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