Crystal Jewelry Cuff

Crystal Jewelry Cuff

upcoming weddings of 2009, trends in bridal jewelry express the women of today. They reflect styles that are fashion forward and daring, yet showcase femininity and breathtaking beauty. Chic micro pave engagement rings and engraved wedding bands show these jewelry trends and can even start the day your commitment is made.

Because more brides are developing personalized wedding themes throughout the entire wedding, bridal jewelry is reflecting that, too. Easily incorporate these upcoming 2009 trends into your wedding to expose your inner style.

Colored Stones: Straying from traditional white diamonds and pearls for bridal jewelry, stones with rich hues that compliment your bridesmaid dresses or mimic your wedding themes are now the center of attention. Tinted metals, like rose or chocolate gold, are also popular for bridal accessories. Try emerald bracelets, onyx earrings or a chocolate pearl necklace to bring a pop of color into your elegant ensemble.

Layered Bridal Jewelry: Multiple strand necklaces draped in long layers or as a choker are hot for 2009. Trends like layering are a perfect way to offset a dress’s plunging neckline or strapless cut. Compliment the gown and layer crystal beads, pearls, or strands of colored stones. Put them around your neck or on your wrist for a simple, yet stunning look.

Cuff Bracelets: Just as layered dainty bracelets are fashionable for a wedding, bridal jewelry for arms continue with cuffs. They’re bold, dramatic and can be customized for your bridal accessories in many ways. It’s a modern, adventurous statement piece.

Hair Jewelry: The days of old-fashioned veils are gone. Now you’ll see tiaras, headbands, hair vines, and jeweled combs on the women in the wedding. Hair jewelry for hair can be crafted from beads, crystal, ribbons, or wire, all with opportunity to be a unique reflection of your look or wedding themes.

Natural Styles: Aside from specific types of wedding jewelry, trends about the style of each piece have been gaining popularity as well. The unconventional style of raw gems exposes their natural beauty while showing your individual edge. Earthy and floral pieces portray easy-going femininity. The versatility of each type of bridal jewelry trends allows you to incorporate the designs in many ways.

Follow the 2009 trends in wedding jewelry and take a risk by defying conventional styles. The fashionable applications allow you to showcase who you truly are through all of your bridal accessories.

By: Laura Maddaloni

Crystal Jewelry Cuff
Crystal Jewelry Cuff
Crystal Jewelry Cuff

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