Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry
How do you make silver and or gold wrapped quartz crystal jewelry?

I was wondering how to make quartz crystal jewelry because i think t would be a good business idea because where im moving i would have an abundance of crystal. I was wondering how to make the silver and gold wrapped pendants and earrings. Also any other crystal jewelry that you may know how to make. Thanks for the help. I am fifteen and trying to find a niche for a teen business. I will appreciate any help you give me.


Ok im not sure how you put stones in it. But there are some art stores and art supply places online that you can buy this clay from. Its not really clay, its silver or gold but in malleable form. So basically you can shape it , you would clay, and then just heat it using a butane burner or what not, then you use a wire brush, and its like 99.9% pure silver or yellow gold. Dont throw the scraps away…. the clay is expensive, and plus, the left over silver or gold scraps you can sell to a jeweler, because its basically pure silver or gold. SO i hope this helps…

ART CLAY WORLD ( sells some called art clay.

you would really like this…its has tips and techniques on how to use it to make jewerly pieces. Like how to attach stones, and fire it. :)

GOOD LUCK hope it helps!

Crystal Jewelry
Crystal Jewelry
Crystal Jewelry

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