Crystal Mini Crown

Crystal Mini Crown

My favorite pair of earrings has a picture of a white dog and a black dog. It’s perfect for me because I have a white poodle and a black border collie. I bought the earrings at a country fair and never knew where I could find anything similar. Now I know that online dog jewelry shops have fun jewelry for me and for my dogs.

Swarovski hair clips are perfect for dress-up. Swarovski refers to precision-cut lead crystal glass from the Austrian company of the same name. Hairclips for dogs come in all colors and shapes, from a tiny multi-colored mini crown to a larger pink heart.

Pet necklaces are the latest in pet jewelry. What’s the difference between a collar and a necklace? It’s like the difference between a pair of jeans and a tuxedo! Crystal necklaces in pink, blue, or Christmas colors sparkle in the light and make your dogs look elegant. Like tuxedos, pet necklaces are for special occasions.

Laurel Burch is a designer who makes pins and earrings for pet lovers. Her fanciful designs showcase dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. Laurel works in cloisonne, an ancient metalworking and enamel technique that lends itself to colorful designs. Another designer of pet lover jewelry creates three-dimensional bronze, silver, and pewter earrings. The 3D mouse has a wiggly tail.

Pewter pet magnets are ideal gifts for pet lovers who don’t wear jewelry. With names like “paw power,” bone-a-holic,” “spoiled rotten,” and “meows and purrs,” who can resist?

A charm for a dog’s collar can also be a zipper pull for your jacket, which means you and your dog can have matching baubles. Maybe if you wore a zipper pull that said, “Boss” they would start believing it! Or you could each get a charm with a sweet-looking wagging heart.

Dog jewelry isn’t the only creative gift for pets and their people. Cat quilts are almost too beautiful to give to the kitties. One brightly-color quilt shows a red, a blue, a yellow, and a green cat, each casting a wary eye on the eight black mice.

If you are a practical, safety conscious pet owner, you’ll be happy to know about some special pet safety supplies available online. An adjustable car restraint will keep your pooch from falling off the seat and getting hurt if you stop short or have an accident. The pet rescue window sign will save you a lot of heartache if there’s an emergency when you are not home. The red 4″x4″ decal sticks to your window by static. It lets emergency workers know how many dogs, cats, or other pets are in the house and who to contact.

The Top Tag Pet ID is a must-have for a dog with special needs. A flash drive inside a clear plastic container attaches to the dog’s collar. You can input important information about your dog, including medical history, medications, and food requirements. This is helpful not only if your dog gets lost, but also if you leave him at a kennel or with friends.

Discriminating pet lovers will find a whole range of creative and useful gifts for their pets and their pet-loving friends at online sites.

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Crystal Mini Crown
Crystal Mini Crown
Crystal Mini Crown

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