Crystal Necklace Choker

Crystal Necklace Choker
What to wear for office christmas party? Pls help !?

I don’t have alot of money to spend, but I do have a really pretty red velvet jacket – it is on the short side. I also have a pretty red swarovky crystal choker necklace I could wear with it.
Just wondering what to pair it with, or if I should look for a clearance “little black dress” in my price range?
I am about 5′.1′ and slim, and over 40. I am more of a traditional dresser, too ( i.e. not trendy.)
Thanks so much!
neclake looks similar to this:

jacket looks similar to this:

go buy a lil black dress…put the jacket on over it and make sure the necklace is visible. Pair that with some black and red makeup and a hot pair of earrings. Then you can wear black or even red high heels.

Crystal Necklace Choker
Crystal Necklace Choker
Crystal Necklace Choker

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