Crystal Paved Flower

Crystal Paved Flower

Chinese writing tattoos are getting much attention these days. While there exists almost a maniac among tattoo lovers to get Chinese symbols for tattoos, few end up with a really smart and unique Chinese tattoo symbol. The job to find Chinese characters that truly live up to the standards of a quality tattoo seems anything but easy. Yet, the truth is, it’s only after you have taken good care of several aspects will you then be on the right route of getting something smart and nice.

Followings are some useful tips that will help make your job a lot easier.

1. Know the meaning

Before anything is done, it’s highly recommended that you get a crystal clear idea of what exactly your tattoo word means. What’s more, you need to know not only what it literally means in the dictionary, but also what it actually when people utter it in daily life, and more importantly, in the most common cultural contexts.

To do this in the least time-consuming way, simply ask a Chinese friend you have available for advice and chances are they can always tell, in an instant, whether or not your Chinese tattoo word “works”. The last thing you ever want to do is to ink a word that means something ludicrous or even offensive in its current usage while its literal meaning in the dictionary is just favorable. Don’t risk doing that, which would be quite a tragedy.

2. Control the shape

In addition to the meaning, there are many more places where you can add shining personalities to your tattoo word. Among these tweaks available, the most effective one would be the shape.

Shape comes into play right after you have taken care of the meaning. At this stage, you are literally treating your character as a picture and decide whether it looks good from a visual perspective.

Among the huge alphabet of Chinese characters, there are certain types of ones worth your extra attention when it comes to getting a Chinese tattoo that  “looks” nice.

 (1). Symmetrical characters

It goes without saying that symmetry is pleasing to the eye as well as the mind. Fortunately, there are a lot of Chinese characters that happen to be in a total symmetry. If you look at them through a mirror, they are just exactly the same as when looked directly. Therefore, if you prefer symmetry, this type of characters would be quite favorable for your consideration.

Examples: Mei (means beautiful), Ji (means auspicious)

 (2). Simple characters

Simple is beauty. This simple rule applies here, too. Granted, complicated Chinese characters can always be wonderfully written in a way that shines of attraction. Yet, to my firm belief, the most beautiful, amazing, and brilliant characters are always those simple characters, characters that are written with less than five or six strokes. They are arguably the finest essence of Chinese characters as well as Chinese culture. What’s more, due to their simplicity, they can be therefore written with much more flexibility and variety, which means much more uniqueness.

Examples: ren (four strokes, means humanity), yi (three strokes, means rightness), li (two strokes, means strength).

By implementing these tips, hopefully you will be in a more advantageous place than others to find a really shining, unique and smart Chinese writing tattoo. Good luck!

Fanyun Ding lives in Shanghai and is a Chinese tattoo enthusiast. For more great tips and advice on Chinese writing tattoos, visit

Crystal Paved Flower
Crystal Paved Flower
Crystal Paved Flower

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