Crystal Peacock Pin

Crystal Peacock Pin

There was a time when being the mother of the bride meant that you would be forced to wear a frumpy pale blue dress with a big corsage that made you look like the Queen Mum. No matter how stylish she was in real life, the fashions designed for the bride’s mom made her look and feel more like the grandmother of the bride. Happily, these days there are fresh and appealing ways that the bride’s mother can look appropriate while feeling fabulous.

One of the biggest changes has been in what clothing is deemed suitable for the mother of the bride. Forget the polyester chiffon nightmare that your mom had to wear; today’s styles are chic and up-to-date. A great trend for mothers of the bride is that some of the better designers of bridesmaid dresses have turned their hands to creating equally stylish options for the other members of the bridal party.

Strapless dresses are one new idea for the mother of the bride. This will of course depend on your comfort level with revealing your arms, but many moms these days are as fitness-oriented as their daughters, with the toned arms to prove it! If you have triceps like Michelle Obama, then by all means, go ahead and show them off with a sleeveless or strapless dress for your daughter’s wedding. If propriety is an issue for a religious ceremony, it is simple enough to add a shrug, shawl, or bolero to wear for the service.

Another new trend for the bride’s mother is to wear accessories that are almost as stunning as what the bride herself has chosen. Of course you would not dream of wearing a tiara to your daughter’s wedding, but a sparkling brooch makes a wonderful accent for an updo or to sweep the hair back from your face. Mothers of the bride are also wearing really fabulous wedding jewelry these days. You do not have to limit yourself to a demure strand of pearls . If you have always loved pearl jewelry, treat yourself to a dramatic strand of black or peacock pearls to wear for the wedding. You can also turn to fabulous sparkling Swarovksi crystal jewelry in rich and sophisticated colors like amber or amethyst.

Traditionally the mother of the bride wore a floral corsage pinned to her dress. There is nothing wrong with this, but you also have other options to consider. One of the freshest ideas is for the mothers of the bride and groom to forgo the corsage and carry a small posey of flowers down the aisle instead. With the rising popularity of strapless dresses for the mother of the bride, wrist corsages have also seen a comeback. If your preference is to keep the mom’s flowers on her dress, a very pretty and modern look is to pin the corsage to a sash or belt around the waist of her dress.

Just as bridesmaids no longer have to wear hoop skirts, poufy sleeves, and pastel hats, the mothers of the bride and groom will find that their time to look stylish has come as well. The current trends in mother of the bride attire give each woman the chance to express her personal style. Not only will you look beautiful for your daughter’s wedding, you will actually be able to wear a dress that reflects your own unique taste (with the bride’s approval, naturally!).

Laura is interested in wedding planning and wedding trends including jewelry,receptions and gifts. Wedding jewelry like black pearls is the perfect accent for a sophisticated mother of the bride ensemble.

Crystal Peacock Pin
Crystal Peacock Pin
Crystal Peacock Pin

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