Crystal Pearl Bridal

Crystal Pearl Bridal
What is your favorite bridal jewelry?

What do brides want for bridal jewelry, pearls, crystals, a combination of both? What did everyone wear to their wedding??

These are the pieces that I wore for my wedding. Most are family heirlooms. I used them for my wedding traditions. They are very dear to me. My advice is to wear pieces you love, whether they be from family or friends.

1. 14KT WG Diamond Wedding Ring: Family Heirloom, of my Gramma.

2. 14KT WG 1CT Diamond Engagement Ring Set: Family Heirloom, of my Gramma.

3. 18KT White Gold Diamond Earrings: Engagement Present, from my Husband.

4. 14KT WG Locket: The very first piece of jewelry my Husband ever gave me.

5. 14KT WG Diamond Hamilton Watch: Something Borrowed, from my Momma.

6. 18KT WG Diamond Bracelet: Something Old, from my Gramma.

7. 14KT WG Diamond Ankle Bracelet: Something New, Wedding Present from my Husband.

8. 14KT WG Blue Topaz & Diamond Toe Ring: Something Blue.

Crystal Pearl Bridal
Crystal Pearl Bridal
Crystal Pearl Bridal

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