Crystal Pearl Leaf

Crystal Pearl Leaf

Making a mulberry paper flower corsage and boutonniere can be a very easy task. A corsage can be made to be worn on the lapel, at the neckline, at the waist, on a wrist, or even placed on a handbag and a boutonniere will be worn on a mans lapel.

At the back of the mulberry flower or flowers of your corsage or boutonniere you may want to put mulberry paper flower buds of the flower you are using, lace, tulle, ferns, or leaves. You can add beads, simple pearl sprays, a ribbon bow, or glitter to add more dazzle and this will add to the beauty of the corsage or boutonniere.

When making a simple single flower corsage you will want to use a flower that you are using in the bridal bouquet. If the mulberry paper flower that you have chosen is a larger flower you may want to add just a few leaves or a spray of pearls to the back of the flower cutting them to the length desired then use floral tape and wrap together then add a pretty bow to the short curved stem that you have left on the flower.

You can also add a little glitter to the flower to give it a little more dazzle and if you want it to smell good add a small drop of fragrance oil to it. All you need to do to add the glitter is use spray glue and spray the paper flower, sprinkle on a little glitter let dry, and then spray with a spray gloss that is made for paper and let it dry; do this before making the corsage.

A boutonniere can be made in almost the same way only you probably will not want to add a ribbon bow.

To make a corsage using multiple mulberry paper flowers all you need to do is arrange the paper flowers together and the leaves or filler flowers then cut to the length desired for your corsage and then tape them together using your floral tape. You may want to add some glitter and add some good fragrance to them.

Add a pretty bow and maybe even a crystal bead spray to your corsage and it will be something to be proud of and just think you can brag that you made it yourself.

You can also make a boutonniere using a couple of the mulberry paper flowers or even the buds of the flowers that are being used for your wedding. Just take a flower or two add some pearl or bead sprays maybe a leaf or two cut to the desired length wrap with floral tape. Take the stem and curve or make a small curl  in it for a little definition for your boutonniere.

There are many other types of corsages and boutonnieres that can be made using the mulberry paper flowers  these are just the beginning. You may want to try some other types on your own by adding other things to your corsages or boutonnieres.

Make your mulberry wedding flowers the talk of the town and your wedding the most beautiful of all.

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Crystal Pearl Leaf
Crystal Pearl Leaf
Crystal Pearl Leaf

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