Crystal Pearl Silver

Crystal Pearl Silver

Have fun with this 3 strand bracelet made with crystal pearl, crystal bicones and silver beads. It sparkles, it shines… fancy enough to wear out on the town… yet you can wear it with any color sweater or t-shirt and look great! And best of all, this bracelet is easy to make!

Skills required:


Stringing Beads

Beading Supplies

  • Crimping pliers
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • (24″) .014mm Stringing Wire
  • (6) 2mm Crimp Tubes Sterling Silver
  • (6) Crimp Covers Silver
  • (1) 16mm Toggle Clasp Sterling Silver
  • (48) 3mm Silver Bead Sterling Silver
  • (31) 6mm Glass Pearl White
  • (20) 4mm Spacer Bead Antique Silver Plated
  • (18) 4mm Cystal Bicone Clear
  • (77) Size 11 Seed Beads

Stringing the first strand of beads

Step 1. Cut off 8″ of stringing wire.

Step 2. String one end through a crimp tube, through the hole of of one side of the clasp, back through the same crimp tube.

Step 3. Crimp the crimp tube with crimping pliers.

Step 4. Cover the crimp tube with a crimp cover using your flat-nose pliers.

Step 5. String beads on in the following order:

Vist to see this bead pattern and to read the rest of this article with detailed photos and diagrams.

Happy Beading!

Jennifer Thoden

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Crystal Pearl Silver
Crystal Pearl Silver
Crystal Pearl Silver

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