Crystal Pendant Charm

Crystal Pendant Charm
If a dog ate a crystal pendant, then what?

I lost a sentimental pendant in my bedroom-while quickly changing for work…I found a charm and later the kitty brought the chain ; but I cannot find that pendant! I am starting to think my dog ate it!? She would almost eat anything…if so, would I see her symptoms? I am serious…The only other thing is if the kitties dragged into another room like the one did with the chain…I wished they tell me! Which one would likely do something with the crystal heart pendant? Where????

If a dog ate something abnormal to his/her body, you would see symtoms, if it was lodged in its intestines. Some signs of Obstructions are :

-Throwing up bile, not being able to hold food down
-Not being able to Poop
-Not eating
-Not playing

Trust me, if you see any of these things, schedule an appointment with a vet!! If your dog can’t swallow water, take her to the emergency!

BUT, this may not be the case… Maybe you misplaced it… Maybe your dog did digest.. Does he hide things in a pile, under tables, etc? Check.. Does he bury his bones and other belongings?

PS- Make absolute sure, if you cant find it, that your dog DOES have an obstruction. Vets were trying to talk me into paying 3000$ surgery on something they thought was certain to have obstruction, but i took her home anc cured her myself.

Good luck either way….

Crystal Pendant Charm
Crystal Pendant Charm
Crystal Pendant Charm

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