Crystal Pin Brooch

Crystal Pin Brooch

When it comes to accessories, silk scarves are one item that can add spice and beauty to even a very plain attire or a conservative business suit… for men and women! There are wide varieties of scarves available in the market such as Pashmina, cashmere, silk and fleece. Among these, silk is mostly preferred as the fiber of choice.

Why? It gives scarves and shawls a smooth texture and elegant, expensive appearance.

You can wear a silk scarf in several different ways. You can either drape it around your neck, or tie it around your hair to keep it intact, or even as a belt around your waist. Alternatively, you can wrap around a large silk scarf around your shoulders like a shawl. However, the most preferred and common way of wearing a scarf is around the neck. You can do this in several innovative ways in order to improve its aesthetic appeal.

  • The perfect way of wearing a silk scarf to the office is to tie it around the neck as a choker.
  • Alternatively, a smaller “fashion statement” can also be used which can be pinned using a crystal brooch, clips, ring or scarf pin in order to secure the scarf in place.
  • In case you do not have a scarf pin or brooch, then you can wear a long oblong scarf that is knotted at the front and allow it to hang down freely in the Grace Kelly style, especially during summer and spring time.

Silk scarves provide a great fashionable look… even for men. These scarves are a perfect match to any business attire.

  • Many people prefer wearing a cashmere scarf during winters to keep warm. You can simply wrap it around your neck for extra warmth.
  • You can also choose a knitted scarf for wrapping around your neck and pair it up with matching gloves to complement your looks further.
  • Be very careful when you select which one to wear at your office. Be sure it doesn’t contain any unnecessary frills or lace at the borders because these fringes tend to impart a very fancy and gaudy look. Instead, you must always look for plain edged scarves. In case you are using a knitted scarf, you can choose one that is tightly knitted for office wear.
  • However, the color of the scarf must be of contrasting to the color of the attire worn, i.e. a light colored scarf with a dark colored attire and a dark scarf with a lighter colored attire. While wearing a scarf with a business coat, one should always try to match the scarf shade with that of the outer coat rather than with the shirt or other inner wear. Men should avoid wearing long silk scarves and heavily patterned scarves if they want to project a professional look.

Silk scarves are not a required accessory in the wardrobe of a man or women. However, when you see a silk scarf being worn in the office, it projects a very fashionable image and imparts a certain degree of elegance and warmth to their personality. Elegance at a very reasonable price…what could be better?

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Crystal Pin Brooch
Crystal Pin Brooch
Crystal Pin Brooch

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