Crystal Plated Platinum

Crystal Plated Platinum

The challenges of leading are probably at their greatest in a long time. Every day there are more and more media reports of organisations calling in the administrators, or making significant cuts. If you are a leader, the big question I believe that you need to be asking yourself if you are stepping up to the plate?

By stepping up to the plate in these difficult times I mean, are you:

Getting really clear about the size and scale of the challenge

Before you can start to do anything you really need to get crystal clear about what the challenge is. The reason why this is so important is that it is too easy to underestimate the scale of the challenge and not take significant enough action. Alternatively, you might start taking inappropriate actions.

Putting plans in place

Plans lead to action and action leads to results. As a leader, once you have clarity on the challenge you face, it is vital that you establish plans to deal with the immediate storm in the first instance and then get the organisation set up for success in the long term.

Making time to communicate

In difficult times communication becomes even more important than ever. Your employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders want to know about the challenges and what is going to happen.


As a leader you need to seek the views of those on the leadership team. It is also vital that you get the views of those closest to the point of service delivery on changes or responses to the challenges. People closest to the point of delivery can often see opportunities that senior people miss.

Keeping focus on results

As a leader your primary role is to deliver results. Your success and indeed you continuing to be in a role of significant influence as a leader depends on you continuing to deliver results. When you take your focus away from delivering results to personal survival your performance dips, the results dip and your personal risk increases.

Bottom Line – In many ways challenging times like the present set apart those who are great and those that are mediocre leaders. The question you need to ask yourself is what camp you choose to belong to?

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Crystal Plated Platinum
Crystal Plated Platinum
Crystal Plated Platinum

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