Crystal Platinum Ladies

Crystal Platinum Ladies

The fashion industry is opening its eyes to the plus size model.

You no longer have to be stick thin to enter the modeling world. Crystal Renn is a plus size model. Even at size 14, I personally don’t really consider that a “plus size”, but for the fashion industry, this is a huge step.

In a video interview, Crystal Renn speaks out, about how hard she was on her body, trying to keep up the thin image. She would do two or three photo shoots in one day, and then go home and stay up half the night working out, and always thinking about food.

She says, it was a constant battle of hunger, to be the right size for the industry.

But, since letting her body, be the size it naturally wants to be, size 14, she is still getting lots of calls and attention.

Since 6 out of 10 women in North America, are size 14 and up, its about time the fashion industry created fashions and styles for the larger women.

Crystal Renn and other plus size models, speak out about how unhealthy they felt while trying to portray that stick thin look.

So, all you ladies out there, who thought a modeling career was out of the question, because you are not stick thin.. think again.

Get lots of exercise and fresh air, eat well, and do the best you can for your body, and you will be beautiful no matter what your natural size is.

Listen to Crystal Renn speak about her size and her career. watch the video of Crystal Renn walking the runway, and speaking out for plus size girls. Article and website by Diane Palmer

Crystal Platinum Ladies
Crystal Platinum Ladies
Crystal Platinum Ladies

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