Crystal Queen

Crystal Queen

The purest thing is absolutely the crystal in the world. It is compared to the tears of the virgin girl. The crystal is the spiritual sustenance to people, also the leading role of those beautiful legends. The most important reason for its popularity is the physical function of it.

The crystal jewelry becomes the popular decoration in modern life. People wear the crystal bracelet or crystal pendant are often different from others. Crystal with different colors may have different functions.

The white crystal can focus or magnify the memory. It is the crystal queen with large energy; The amethyst can develop the human wisdom, improve the thinking ability, bring courage and power to man. It also stands for the pure love and is the love stone between couples; The purple topaz has double functions gathering the purple crystal with yellow crystal. It stands for wisdom and treasure, which can enhance the sixth sense and adjust the relationship between partners, parents and children, leader and underling, couples, lovers, etc.; The citrine is the symbol of treasure. Wear the yellow topaz can make person more confident, collect treasure and luck. The another function of the yellow topaz is to cure cold stomach and strengthen the liver sausage and peptic powder.

Though the crystal is as beautiful as the moon, it will be old or damage without careful store. So it is important to know the best way to store it.

The best but also the easy way is to put it on a ventilated place, and when the moon or star appears, move it to the place under the moon light to absorb their energy completely. Or put it into a flowerpot located at the veranda in a thunder night to let the crystal absorb the energy. If you feel that way is too trouble and not safe, you can wash the crystal by clean water in the night and put it into the jewelry box after wipe, which means not too dry to crack.

Before buying a crystal jewelry, you can exam it simply to make sure your money is worthy. Firstly, have a look at it to see whether there is any average fault inside it, the natural crystal normally has little fault resembling cotton. Secondly, to judge the grade of the crystal according to its transparency, the more transparency, the better it is. Thirdly, the crystal is cool even in the summer. Forth, it is shining from each aspect. Finally, use a rubble to scratch softly, there will not be any trace on it.

Ivy Lo was born in China. She owns a pearl shop exporting high quality of different kinds of pearl jewelry. The freshwater pearl and pearl pendant are very popular overseas. Ivy lo also know much anout the pearl, which brings convenient to her job.

Crystal Queen
Crystal Queen
Crystal Queen

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