Crystal Rhinestone Gold

Crystal Rhinestone Gold

There are a lot of interesting things that we can learn if we are going to do some serious research on rhinestone jewelry. This famous rock crystal were first collected from the River of Rhine, hence its name. It was previously referred to as Strass in several languages of Europe in reference to a famous jeweler who developed the innovative method of using the rock crystal as an imitation to diamonds. This rock crystal is a popular material in making wholesale rhinestone jewelry, sparkling costumes and adornments in other clothing accessories.

Of late, the diamante has also been used as embellishment in fingernails, fashion accessories, eyelashes and even in our cell phones. In fact, the ornament has now become a very popular pick for most crafters and jewelers. The best proofs of these are the “Flat Backs” which are made out of these crystals. Just picture how great it is to have an amazing ornament set made from these high quality lead crystals.

The brilliance and quality of these stones make them the brand of choice for many craftsmen and jewelers. The Chaton rose cuts are one of the most popular picks. This cut comes in assorted stone sizes ranging from under a millimeter in width up to the size of a dime. On top of the different sizes and cuts, the stones are also presented in two versions, the No-Hot-Fix and the Hot-Fix versions. Glue can be applied in the No-Hot-Fix versions or the NHF.

On the other hand, heat-sensitive type of glue is applied on the backing of the Hot-Fix stones. One can use ordinary home irons to attach the HF versions on clothes and fabrics, while special tools are used when this type of diamante is attached on other types of surfaces. The adhesive type will depend on the surface on which these pastes are attached. Cleaning of garments with these adornments is through regular hand washing and dry cleaning is not recommended.

One can also buy these adornments at wholesale and also as a part of a set of other accessories and items. There are inexpensive paste-laden items including diamante tiaras and combs which are perfect gift ideas, and there are party favors for children that are also available in the market. There are wide collection of adorned bags, barrettes, wands and other attractive accessories which you can also include in your choices.

One can also consider high end tiaras that are adorned with high quality pastes which are perfect gifts for birthdays, fashion events and other important social functions. There are also custom-made ornament sets which can be used as recognition gifts during fundraising events and awarding ceremonies. There are also word pins, patriotic pins and an assortment of decorative pins which you can also consider. One might also be interested to check out the variety of purses in various sizes that are also laden with the crystal adornments.

If you want to learn more about this amazing stones and all the possibilities that they offer, searching the Web is your best option. There are many Sites that provide unlimited information and tips at how you can create your own diamante products.

Chuck R. Stewart has noticed the recent increase of rhinestone jewelry sales on the internet.

The wholesale rhinestone jewelry is really booming.

Crystal Rhinestone Gold
Crystal Rhinestone Gold
Crystal Rhinestone Gold

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