Crystal Rhinestones

Crystal Rhinestones
Do hotfix crystal rhinestones stick to 600 deniur polyester fabric?

I want to buy polyester tote bags and rhinestone them with hotfix crystals, but I’ve only worked with cotton tote bags so far, and I know that hotfix glues to them fine.
I hear that hotfix glues to fabric with high melting points and that polyester is a high melting point fabric.
Can anyone verify or agree with that, or does anyone know personally and FOR SURE?

Anything would be great.
Thank you so much in advance!!

I put the hotfix on polyester fabric that looks like velvet. The fabric is black and the hotfix are the crystal (multicolor like a rainbow) and they look beautiful. I made two of them and put them in frames with non glare glass. The sewing store where I bought the embroidery machine has one displayed as a selling point for the machine I have. You have to be really careful, because the fabric melts quickly and it was a bit nerve wracking. Try only one on a piece of the fabric and see how the fabric holds up. You just have to be really careful that your hotfix tool doesn’t touch the fabric…I put the crystal quickly on the fabric and took my finger to tap, tap it on..I don’t want to tell you to try this because you might burn your finger, I didn’t, but I tapped very quickly. I also put crystal on some pretty black flip flop shoes that I have and it made them look dressy!

Have fun! They do add beauty to your sewing projects.

I am glad you said anything would be great, cuz, I don’t want you to buy a large amount of fabric and be disappointed1 (Chuckle…I know what it is like to have a ruined project ) I might have a picture of my project on my desktop that I could send to you…but not on the laptop I am using. I just have to warn you to do it very quickly and pull the tool away as quickly as you can. I did have an itsy bitsy spot that was melty and covered it with another rhinestone.

Crystal Rhinestones
Crystal Rhinestones
Crystal Rhinestones

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