Crystal Silvery Pendant

Crystal Silvery Pendant

I began beading several years ago at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. They had a really cool bead shop where you could sit down, design and make your piece. It was a bit pricey but worth the finished product and the lack of hassle.

I took this theory and began designing jewelry from my home and selling it to boutiques. Here is a quick and easy way to make a beautiful necklace.


This is usually the most important part of the design as it is going to be the main attraction. It is the largest part of the necklace and is centered to gain the attention of the eye. I look for unusual and unique pendants that are already wire wrapped and/or have a loop to slide onto a chain or bead onto flexwire.

The pendants I use range from stones like amethyst, citrine, turquoise etc to beautiful crosses and cameos. It doesn’t matter what the pendant is, just make sure it stays within your budget. You also want to make sure it is made well and will not fall apart after 2 wears.


Once I chose a pendant, I then advance to the bead section. I always choose something that compliments that pendant in color, texture and size. For example, if I was going to choose a Indian coral and turquoise pendant, most likely I would use a similar stone for the beading that matched in color and size. Maybe a small nugget torquise or round coral bead. Another example would be a black and white cameo pendant. Most likely I would pair it with a round onyx stone that was smaller than the pendant and accented the cameo. You can also be creative and a bit funky and try mixing a black and white cameo with some cool stone as well. It just depends on how traditional you want to be and who you are making the necklace for.


Once I have my pendant and beads chosen, I always like to add a bit of sparkle to the piece. I personally like Swarovski crystals scattered throughout. They add a bit of glimmer and make the piece pop. It also adds value to the piece if your end goal is to sell it.


In some pieces, I like to add some silver or gold spacers. Even if it is just a plain tiny round one that separates the beads from the crystals. It also adds bling and makes the crystals pop. However if you are going to use silver, be prepared to clean it regularly as it can tarnish.


Now you are ready to actually put the necklace together. If you are beginner, this should take no more than and hour. I can usually make about one piece every 15 minutes. Make sure you have the necessary tools and findings. For a basic necklace you will need the following :

-Wire, Thread or Stretch Cord (I prefer Accuflex wire)

-Crimp beads (2 beads – One for each end)

-Small Jewelry Scissors (or manicure scissors will work)

-Clasp (I prefer a large lobster clasp with matching jump ring)

-Flat Nosed Pliers (I use two pairs when making pieces but you can use just one or substitute tweezers)



You start with the piece of wire and measure it to the length you want. You can also use a beading board but I do the easy way of just measuring. Cut the wire to desired length.

Fasten the end:

Place the jumpring and crimp bead on the end of the wire, so the beads won’t slip.

String the beads:

Begin stringing the beads along the wire. Use whatever pattern you chose above. For example: 3 beads, 1 silver spacer, 1 crystal, 1 silver spacer, 3 beads….and keep repeating.

Add the pendant:

Once you get to the middle, slide the pendant onto the wire.

Even it out:

Repeat the beading until you get to the end.

Fasten the end:

Add the crimp bead and the lobster clasp.


I always like to try the piece on and make sure it hangs well and doesn’t do anything funny. Sometimes when you use a thicker Accuflex with heavy beads it can become too tight or too loose or hang weird. I like to try it on several times throughout the process to make sure I’m happy with the length etc.

Good luck!

My name is Kameron Kay, marketing expert and jewelry designer. Please visit my newly released “Jewelry Selling Secrets” ebook and audio program at:

Crystal Silvery Pendant
Crystal Silvery Pendant
Crystal Silvery Pendant

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