Crystal Stretched Bracelet

Crystal Stretched Bracelet

A Saint bracelet, Christian Icon bracelet or Protection bracelet is not only an object of faith, but also a hip fashion statement. As fads and trends come and go, showing one’s faith always remains in style. People often wear and gift religious jewelry as an expression of their faith. For Catholic adolescents, Confirmation is a time when a young adult makes a full fledged commitment to their faith and often chooses a Saint’s name to take as part of their own. As such, religious jewelry bearing images of Jesus, the virgin Mary, Patron Saints and other Christian Icons is an appropriate gift that acknowledges spirituality.

Adjustable Saint bracelets encompass all of these sacred figures together and can remind one to have faith in God and to reflect and pray daily. Today religious jewelry is worn for fashion and style as well as an expression of religious commitment. The fashion trends for jewelry this year continue to be colorful pieces and bold statements. An ornate Saint bracelet is the perfectly inexpensive way to spice up your wrist and make that bold statement at a time when recessionary forces and social mood changes are challenging our faith.

Many of the Saint bracelets that are in fashion today are made of hematite and are magnetic as well. Hematite is a mineral consisting of iron oxide and when it is cut and polished, it presents with a metallic black shine. Hematite can be made into beautiful bracelets and has also been recognized for centuries as a mental & physical healer and therapeutic instrument due to its magnetic properties.

The magnetic properties of hematite have been used to promote physical healing in the way of treating the following: poor blood circulation, body cramps and pains, nervous disorders, insomnia, anemia, headaches, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, bone fractures and sports injuries to name a few. Golf players have popularized magnetic hematite bracelets since they are thought to prevent inflammation and provide pain relief as well as create an ionic balance within the arm and wrist.

The mental healing applications of magnetic hematite are reported to promote the following: stress relief, improving overall mental function & focus, improving memory, aiding in meditation and bringing about a calm mental state of mind. It has also been said to help induce astral projection or out of body experiences.

Wearing a religious Saint bracelet that is both fashionable & magnetic may be a non-invasive way to promote physical and mental well being while staying focused on what is important in life, our faith!

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Crystal Stretched Bracelet
Crystal Stretched Bracelet
Crystal Stretched Bracelet

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