Crystal Tear Drop

Crystal Tear Drop

Looking for a different type of bouquet to make?

Have you considered making a crystal bouquet?

These are easy to make, and look spectacular. You will find that crystal bouquets are very popular, particularly with “newage” people.

At the moment beading is quite popular, so if you are looking for beads and crystals to add to your bouquets then just make your way to any beading store. You are bound to find everything you need to make you crystal bouquet just right!

In this article I am going to show you how to make a small posy-shaped crystal bouquet, with agapanthus flowers through it.

You will need…

  • Crimping tool
  • 3 Camellia’s
  • 100 crimps
  • 7 Agapanthus flowers
  • 50 Flat head pins(in gold or silver)
  • 7 Camellia leaves
  • 21 Large crystals all the same color or all different colors
  • 7 Small reflective black crystals (With a mother-of-pearl like shine)
  • 7 Clear small crystals
  • 7 Purple small crystals
  • 3 Teardrop medium reflective clear crystals
  • 7 figure of eight bows

Step 1: Wiring and Taping…

Wire and tape all flowers and leaves. You can wire and tape the medium reflective clear crystals just like you would with flowers- just pass the wire through the holes at the bottom of the crystal, and then tape.

Step 2: Crimping…

Now attach all the remaining crystals to the flat head pins. Do this by passing the pin through the top of the crystal, and then placing a crimp onto the bottom of the wire. Use the crimping tool to squeeze the crimp onto the wire. Make sure the pin is held tight so that the crystal doesn’t wobble around.

Step 3: Wire and Tape the remaining crystals…

Wire and tape all the remaining crystals.

You do this by twisting the wire around the part of the pin that is sticking out the bottom of the crystal.

Try and get as close to the crimp as possible so that the wire can’t be seen.

Step 4: Start adding the flowers to the crystal bouquet…

Hold your camellia’s in one hand, and fan them out slightly.

Then place your agapanthus flowers around, and in between, the camellia’s.

Step 5: Add the crystals…

Now we start to add the crystals to the bouquet.

Begin with the large crystals first…

Place three in the centre around the agapanthus.

Sit the crystals up slightly higher than the flowers. This is important, as we want the crystals to be the main focus- after all, this is a crystal bouquet!

Place a small piece of tape near the top of the bouquet to help stabilize the crystal bouquet. Then once again fan out the flowers.

Step 6: Add more crystals…

Add the next layer of crystals.

Once again make sure they are sitting slightly above the flowers.

Each time you add a layer of crystals place a small piece of tape near the top of the bouquet and then fan out the crystals.

Step 7: Add the smaller crystals…

Once all the large crystals are added, then start to add the small ones.

Place the small purple crystals in the centre, tape them in place, and then fan them out.

Step 8: Add the small black crystals…

Add the small black reflective crystals next as in step seven.

Leave one or two in the centre of the bouquet as they will help to add color.

Repeat this until all the small crystals are added.

Step 9: Add the teardrop crystals…

Place the three medium-teardrop crystals in the centre of the bouquet, and fan them out slightly.

Step 10: Add figure-of-eight bows…

Place the 7 figure of eight bows around the outside of the bouquet to frame it.

Then fill in the gaps with the camellia leaves.

Step 11: Finish the crystal bouquet…

The final step in making a crystal bouquet is to trim the wires, and then tape the handle.

Thats it! You’ve made a beautiful crystal bouquet!

You don’t have to follow the above steps exactly for your crystal bouquet- consider them more of a guide. You may want to add other flowers, or different types of crystals to your bouquet. You may even want to make your crystal bouquet out of crystals ONLY, without any additional flowers.

Just experiment a little, and I’m sure you’ll make a really stunning crystal bouquet!

Peta Fletcher has been making bouquets for over 14 years. Her website has lots of free information on all types of bouquets, including wedding bouquets and candy bouquets

Crystal Tear Drop
Crystal Tear Drop
Crystal Tear Drop

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