Crystal Wedding Bridal

Crystal Wedding Bridal

Crystal wedding tiaras create a vision of enchantment at a UK wedding. Since what most brides are striving for on their wedding day is to show the most beautiful side of themselves, crystal tiaras make an ideal choice. To showcase your best attributes, you will need a tiara that will be flattering and at the same time comfortable. Once you have made up your mind about the type of wedding gown you will be wearing, it’s time to begin to accent it with beautiful head accessories. You should always take your time and look over all the different options before making your final selection.

How to Choose a Wedding Tiara

When selecting tiaras think about the elements used to decorate your gown. If your gown is embellished with crystals, consider choosing a crystal wedding tiara to accessorise your outfit.

Always know what type of hairstyle you will be wearing at your wedding when you are selecting a head dress. Short hairdos, upsweeps, and half up – half down hairdos all look great with tiaras, barrettes, pins, combs, and hair flowers.

Pick a bridal tiara which will flatter your face shape.

If you would like, along with yours, you can also choose a tiara for your flower girls.

Be sure that you are ordering your tiara in time to arrive before your hair trial and dress fitting. This way your hairstylist will be able to show you the various hairstyles that will work best with both your tiara and your wedding dress.

A Variety of Crystal Wedding Tiaras for the UK Bride

Here is a small selection of timelessly beautiful crystal wedding tiaras. They are all handmade in the UK.

The Bouquet Tiara consists of lovely modern flowers and a collection of mini Swarovski crystals which capture the light.

The Braxted Tiara has a setting of 5 Swarovski crystal flowers, along with freshwater pearl vines which has a captivating appeal.

The Audrey Tiara is a traditional look. It contains freshwater pearls from sprigs which are interwoven with very small Swardovski crystals. It is flattering to almost any facial shape or any fashion of dress.

The Astor Flower Tiara is a dazzling treasure which has a lovely Swarovski flower in the centre. It is flattering for both vintage and contemporary occasions.

So be a visionary delight on your wedding day by wearing a dazzling crystal wedding tiara.

Wayne Merchant, a professional jewellery designer, has been with for the last 6 years. He is also an expert author on many subjects, including jewellery, wedding gifts, and bridal accessories. specialises in handmade tiaras, jewellery and wedding accessories.

Carrie Yeo, a London-based boutique design company, was founded February 2008. Only the highest qualities of materials go into each of handcrafted designs. All our items are carefully handmade in the UK. Our designs are not mass-produced. Each piece is made to order, allowing each item to be tailored to your individual taste and style. Carrie Yeo specialises in Crystal Wedding Tiaras. If you’d like to know more about our products and services, you can contact us at

Crystal Wedding Bridal
Crystal Wedding Bridal
Crystal Wedding Bridal

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