Ctw Diamond Earrings

Ctw Diamond Earrings
What size are these earrings?


I want to know the distance from the lobe to the bottom of the earring but can’t find it!
Thanks in advance.

Judging from the CTW presented in the item description, if those are all diamonds, and their -total- weight is 1/4 CT, then the earrings are quite small, and would probably fit close to the bottom of the lobe, more like a cuff/small hoop than a true hoop. The size of the actual post in the picture seems to confirm this theory.

However, if each diamond is 1/4 CT, then they would be bigged (doubtful.. no one makes that good a deal :P)

Just remember.. the thin post is what’s in the ear hole, so the lobe will be pointed down in the “trough” formed by the corner of the square…. the earrings will be hanging at a point, more like a diamond than on a flat side like a square.

Ctw Diamond Earrings
Ctw Diamond Earrings
Ctw Diamond Earrings

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