Cut Created Diamond

Cut Created Diamond
is a russian cut diamond not a real diamond…see question for more info?

We only use RUSSIAN lab-created DIAMONDS and GEMSTONES in our rings. They are all AAA graded FLAWLESS and are the HIGHEST GRADE and MOST EXPENSIVE created GEMSTONES in this category.

The RUSSIAN stone is EXPERTLY and PRECISION CUT to the EXACT dimensions of the genuine stone. The CLARITY and BRILLIANCE of these stones is UNSURPASSED. These stones will maintain their SPARKLE and BRILLIANCE for a LONG TIME.

So does this mean that it is not a REAL diamond or not im sooo confused….will people know the diffrence>?”?

ok, that statement is misleading, my family produces jewelry for export in South America and we get gems, pearls, and metals from all over the world……
Russian diamonds are what we call in the US ZZs CCs or laboratory created diamonds, they look good but they are not real diamonds at all!! or at least not high end jewelry quality diamonds……
They do not have any resell value at all!
but , if you are loocking for something that looks good for a good price…. get them! it is just like buying cheap jewelry at the mall with a better quality.
most of pieces made with this kind of “diamonds” are very cheap and they do not use real metals, only golden plate or gold, silver, rodiun, platinum finish.

Cut Created Diamond
Cut Created Diamond
Cut Created Diamond

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