Cut Diamond Gia

Cut Diamond Gia

When individuals purchase diamonds, they undoubtedly wish to receive exactly what they are purchasing. Because diamonds come in varying types, there are grading reports which let the buyer know just how their diamond rates compared to others on the market. Perhaps one of the most well known grading reports in existence today is the GIA diamond grading report. The GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, developed their own grading scale for judging diamonds based on various concepts.

What Is The GIA Diamond Grading Report?

The GIA diamond grading report is formulated as a result of meticulous scrutiny of individual diamonds to determine their true characteristics. The 4 C’s were an invention of the GIA which pertains to the cut, color, clarity and carat aspects of the diamond. In addition, the GIA inspects each diamond submitted to it for review and determines its attributes based on the D-Z color scale and flawless to I3 clarity-grading scale.

Why Choose a Diamond With a GIA Diamond Grading Report?

Some may wonder why they should select a diamond which has undergone this rigorous type of grading report over other varieties thereof when purchasing a diamond engagement ring or other type of diamond jewelry. There are a few reasons why selecting a GIA-rated one may be the best bet. First, one who purchases a gemstone which has undergone this type of review can rest assured that the diamond which they are buying is what they believe it to be. If one is looking to buy a specific quality of diamond and it has undergone review by the GIA, the customer is getting what they are paying for.

Secondly, selecting a diamond with a GIA grading report helps the customer to relax knowing that the entity which is performing the analysis and issuing the report is extremely knowledgeable in the field of gemology. The GIA has been in existence since 1931 and has gained the well-deserved respect from those in the field.

Is the GIA Diamond Grading Report the Best?

Although the answer to this question may be subjective in nature, it can arguably be stated that a diamond reviewed by the GIA and returned with a GIA diamond grading report is perhaps the best that one can hope for with regard to knowing exactly what they are getting in a particular gemstone. The GIA takes the time and effort to review each diamond in accordance with their established grading scale and will review the diamond multiple times to ensure that their final grade is the correct one. When taking into account the multiple factors surrounding this type of diamond review, one can determine that the encompassing grading techniques, knowledge of the GIA staff and commitment to producing the most accurate report possible will result in the best type of report. Even though there are other types of grading reports available to jewelers and the diamond-buying public, the GIA grading report is selected time and time again by those who wish to get exactly what they are looking for in an exquisite gem of this type.

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Cut Diamond Gia
Cut Diamond Gia
Cut Diamond Gia

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