Cut Diamond Tennis

Cut Diamond Tennis
Diamond bracelet pricing?

I have a diamond tennis bracelet that i was going to sell to make ends meet, after getting two different stories from a pawn shop and a jewelry store I decided to educate myself a little bit so i wasnt so naive.
so one guy said it was 5 ct one guy said 3, I went to get measurements and there are 56 round cut stones 3.08 mm each. So now i know what i have at least.
I guess i wont get retail what they are worth, but does anyone have any idea what would be a fair offer?

The pawn shop said around 5 ct 600 $ he offered
the jewelry store on lasalle’s jewelers row said around 3 ct 675$.

So I am confused and need help to get a fair value, please help.
Its 14k white gold over yellow gold if that helps.

Dear Mark,

the standard diameter for a well cut (with very good proportions) round brilliant diamond with a full cut (57 facets) of a weight of 0.10 cts is 3.0 mm. This is the average diameter of the girldle (the circle you see when you look from above). 3.08 would correspond between 10 and 11 points, or 0.10 cts to 0.11 cts. This add up in total to lets say minimum estimation 5.60 cts in total. The value of the diamonds will depend on color and clarity of the stones, and if they are real diamonds.
You should be able to obtain a fair value from a reputed jeweller or from a professional appraiser.
Good luck !

Cut Diamond Tennis
Cut Diamond Tennis
Cut Diamond Tennis

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