Diamond Anniversary Eternity

Diamond Anniversary Eternity

Don’t freak out. I want to have a frank discussion with you about diamond anniversary rings. I know you thought that after purchasing the engagement ring, you would never have to go through the expensive, laborious process of buying another diamond. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that tradition dictates that your 60th wedding anniversary is your “diamond” anniversary and therefore should be celebrated with the gift of a diamond. So tradition is on your side. The bad news is that many women will definitely want to see more bling before they have been married to you for 60 years. Plus, if you go buy the modern list, you’re due to buy her diamonds by the 10th anniversary. In case your wondering, here is the entirety of the traditional and modern list of gifts you are supposed to get in accordance with each anniversary date:

Traditional Modern

Year 1: Paper Clocks

Year 2: Cotton China

Year 3: Leather Crystal

Year 4: Silk/Flowers Appliances

Year 5: Wood Silverware

Year 6: Candy/iron Wood

Year 7: Wool/copper Desk sets

Year 8: Bronze/rubber Linen

Year 9: Pottery Leather

Year 10: Tin Diamond Jewelry

Year 11: Steel Fashion Jewelry

Year 12: Linen Pearls

Year 13: Lace Textiles

Year 14: Ivory Gold Jewelry

Year 15: Crystal Watches

Year 20: China Platinum

Year 25: Silver Silver

Year 30: Pearl Pearl

Year 35: Coral Jade

Year 40: Ruby Ruby

Year 45: Sapphire Sapphire

Year 50: Gold Gold

Year 55: Emerald Emerald

Year 60: Diamond Diamond

(ThereÂ’s really no need to go by this list unless you want toÂ…Joel and I definitely have not). Anyway, hereÂ’s some more info on diamond anniversary bands in case you are interested in finding out. Typically, diamond anniversary bands are in essence eternity bands, meaning bands that symbolize that your commitment will last until eternity. How this is symbolized in the jewelry world is usually through a precious metal band with small diamonds surrounding the ringÂ’s circumference. The diamonds can be itty bitty chips or big olÂ’ studs depending on your budget and desire for flash. Other gemstones, such as you womanÂ’s birthstone are often used as well, either in isolation or alternating with the diamonds. A ring with small diamond chips will set you back a few hundredÂ….big diamonds will obviously cost a lot more. In any event, most women would love to receive a diamond anniversary ring, so it may be worth shelling out the cash for her delighted response.

The author just celebrated her one year anniversary and sports a beautiful ascher cut ring. She and her husband put together the website: http://www.ultimate-engagement-ring-guide.com to help you find the perfect ring.

Diamond Anniversary Eternity
Diamond Anniversary Eternity
Diamond Anniversary Eternity

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