Diamond Anniversary Ring

Diamond Anniversary Ring
I just bought a 1 carat solitaire diamond ring as an anniversary gift. How do I give it?

I have done the “place ring under the wine goblet” thing, any other ideas? This is for our wedding anniversary, so any ideas I can do without having to go to a restaurant would be nice (we have small kid now).

First of all, send your little kid to your parent’s or her parent’s house.

On the day of your anniversary, you could watch movies and eat your and her favorite snacks, and foods during the day. Then at around 5-6 p.m. tell her to get dressed up (you should dress up too), get dinner (make or order) enjoy by candle light. Set up 25+ candles outside in a very decorative way before hand, with her favorite flowers everywhere. When your about done with dinner, ask her to wait where she is and go light all your candles, and come back to her. Blind fold her and take her to the garden. When she gets there, tell her to remove her blind fold, and get down on one knee, and give her your ring!

Maybe after that, you could go to the hot tub, and have wine, chocolates, and lots of bubbles and have flower petals everywhere.

But if it’s too cold to go outside set it all up in another room. Maybe even at the church you were married at? You could have friends light and set it up right before you get there.


Diamond Anniversary Ring
Diamond Anniversary Ring
Diamond Anniversary Ring

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