Diamond Bead String

Diamond Bead String
What jewelry and veil would look good with my dress?

Ok, so I don’t know much about fashion, and I know even less about weddings, so I need help! I just got my dress last night and tried it on, and it’s beautiful! Here’s a link to see:


Scroll down to look at the close-ups. The beads on the dress all have a pearl type look to them (as opposed to looking like crystals or diamonds). So I’m wondering if I should wear pearls with it, or would diamonds be ok? I don’t really have a preference, I just need to know which would look appropriate with the dress. Also, specifics about the necklace, such as how ornate it should be (solitaire pearl or diamond on a gold chain? string of pearls? pearls and crystals together?) Pics of examples would be helpful. Thanks!
Oh, forgot to mention I got it in white, not ivory, so the beads are white too.

What a beautiful dress! Nice choice!
Either pearls or diamonds – or crystals – would look nice, but I would keep it on the more simple side, not a full set of pearls.





Diamond Bead String
Diamond Bead String
Diamond Bead String

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